Winner, winner, CHICKEN DINNER!

Naw, not really a chicken dinner though the dogs deserve one!

"Knock" was really a training challenge for our "friendly" competition. Karin, Kristen, and I do these every once in a while and are trying to be better about doing one a week.

Our test objects were a boot (my choice), a bowl (Karin's), and a full water bottle (Kristen's).
Bailey did NOT appreciate the bowl. She never DID knock it over. She put her feet in it, and hit the edge, but that was definitely a tactile-NO for her. We were successful in the others though.
Buzz thought it was nose touch knocking for waterbottle, was SURE of it. I got about half correct responses from him on that one. Boot and bowl were far more successful.

That made me the WINNER!

Next week's challenge is four feet in a box... smallest box possible. THIS is going to take a lot of work.

Karin and I also both have dogs that do not find petting/touching to be reinforcing, and hate being manipulated in fact... so Kristen's trying to make that the challenge for the NEXT week. Pfft!

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Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

congratulations!!! sounds like a lot of fun :)