Whose dog IS that?!

Bailey came to work with me today, spent the morning in her crate in the car, had a bath, sat in front of a dryer, was pulled out of her crate, stuffed back into the car and away we went.  If she was just a smidge stressed... I think I know why.  The problem is that... there was no problem.  The receptionist hovered over her at the scale, so she didn't want to stand on it.  We backed up, I sent her again and she did a very nice "scale" behavior-sit included.  That's my girl.

We got into the exam room, she explored a little while I answered questions from the tech.  No stress panting, no clingy behaviors, she was very relaxed.  The tech left to get the doctor so we played some shaping games with a highlighter (it was the only prop I had) and I started shaping a nudge.

Bailey adores yet another doctor.  Dr. Arnesen went slow, kept her voice low, her body calm, and let Bailey get to know her.  They brought in a blanket and Bailey demonstrated her mat behavior.

*tech puts mat on floor*
Bailey: *lays on mat looking at me*
Dr. Arnesen: "did you cue that"
Me: "nope, that's her mat behavior"

They both thought that was pretty cool.

My little dog had acupuncture for the first time and had her chiropractic adjustment with very few complaints. I really couldn't be more proud of her, or happier with our supplemental chiropractor.

All in all, a very relaxing experience.  We will definitely be returning.

(And now we have two professionals thinking she WILL get better, she WILL...)


A Rehab Change

There's no question how much we love TC Rehab, but with my work load increasing, it's more and more difficult to see Dr. Julia when we need to.  On the recommendation of a couple friends and the okay from Dr. Julia, Bailey is going to see her "secondary chiropractor" tomorrow.  We found a regular veterinary clinic with a specialist on staff in Stillwater, MN.  We've already visited the clinic, had the full tour, and met Bailey's new doctor. 

I haven't updated the blog in quite some time, but I did add a page for each dog (at the top), and I'll post an update about our visit with Dr. Arnesen.

Shoulder target for backwards pivoting.

Tuck sit practice on a... natural... pedestal!