Up, Down, Around? Finding Buzz's normal again.

Buzz's health has been up and down these last few weeks. He did incredibly well with a diet change and antibiotics. Bloodwork looked WONDERFUL! And then he started panting again. And he had mobility issues. And he lost weight. And then Adequan went off the market. And I ran out of tripe, and into other dietary concerns.

In the midst of all this, I was offered a job by the person I credit to him still being here today. Having her as a sounding board (and her willingness to ask others when she's out of ideas) every day I'm at work, we've managed to get Buzz back to being Buzz again.

He just finished a second course of antibiotics. I ordered so much tripe that I shouldn't ever have an excuse for running out again. We have an alternative to Adequan when the stockpile at work is gone. And as always, she's got more up her sleeve when we need it.

And today, I came home to this...

That's a bully stick on the window sill he uses to watch for me. He greeted me at the door when I got home and was so much like the "old Buzz" that I had to drop everything and just love him. He butt waggled and shoved his face into my legs for whole body rubbing.

I am so relieved that he's feeling so darn good. 
Dr. Julia was right when she said we'd get more days like these.