The weekend ended as well as it started. Buzz got his TN-N today! YAHOO! He also Q'd in Jumpers with a REALLY nice run. He enjoyed himself ALL weekend and it showed in his runs. He was SO responsive and such a good boy!

Bailey also Q'd today. In chances! It was a distance jump pinwheel challenge. Had to rearcross and send out then layer a jump. She ran it ABSOLUTELY flawlessly. It was such a memorable run. So smooth. We were truly working together in that run. She was SO fast, responsive, and just a GREAT girly!

Buzz is now:
Sir Buzz Domino NAC NJC TN-N RN RL1 CGC

Ms. Bailey is SO close... We'll get there, no doubt!



I can't update my website from home anymore (sad, I know... hah) but I can certainly post brags here!

Buzz ran SO WELL today! He qualified in 4/5 runs and they were ALL really nice. We were working together as a team and he was RUNNING!

He FINISHED HIS NAC! A title I never thought we'd get! But we got it! He qualified in both standard runs today to finish it! YIPPY!

He also Q'd in jumpers and chances. Both were REALLY nice runs. I'm just beyond thrilled with him.

I hope tomorrow is even half as good! I've got both hooligans tomorrow... chances and tunnelers for Bailey; chances, tunnelers, and jumpers for Buzz.

As of tonight Buzz is now:
Sir Buzz Domino NAC NJC RN Rl1 CGC (and now we have even more "almost" titles! YAY!)

What A GOOD boy! We had a HUGE party after jumpers. We had smaller parties after every run but I had some chicken, NB roll, and some Zukes that he got... he was happy!


Packing Up

Packing up the car for the trial tomorrow. I sure hope I've got everything...

cut up the NB roll
crate pads
crate covers (old sheets)
more treats
water for the human

still need to get
sausage from the store to bring for the pot luck
same for crackers and cheese

We're going to have fun this weekend, that's for sure! I think I have everything I need (even the sheets to write our results down on) and just have to charge the camera batteries now.

I'm still so mad I lost my flash drive because now I can't upload my updated website until I go back to school *dies* haha, now what am I going to do?

I sent in my entries for UKC in January for Buzz and CPE in February for Bailey.


Super Exciting News!

I completely forgot to mention that
A) Buzz gained TWO UCD qualifying scores on November 10, 2007. I really can't believe how far we've come. Competing in obedience was a far away DREAM, which now became a reality with qualifying scores even!

B) Bailey has started competing in CPE agility because our friend in Ohio told us that CPE Nats are in Michigan next summer. I don't know that we'll qualify (since we would have to qualify in all 8 runs in February...), but we're certainly having fun trying. She's been such a blast to run lately. As soon as Patty puts up the videos from TCOTC, you'll be able to see how much she has improved. We had a few errors with my handling and her handler unresponsiveness but I think we got it figured out. She just wanted to RUN!

So, not only do we have NADAC agility coming up, but January 19-20 Buzz has obedience again. If we get in some good open work over xmas, I think we'll try open when gets that last UCD leg!

All we really need to work on is the broad jump. And I've got quite a few ideas. So we'll see and cross our fingers I stick to my training plan!

Been quite a long time...

since I've posted here. School has been crazy busy, as has life.

We had a really great summer (details on NEW website). Bailey finished her RA title in June, CD title in August, and has started RUNNING confidently not only at class, but at AGILITY TRIALS! WAHOO! Breakthrough!

Buzz finished his RL1 (APDT) in August, and got a very memorable RA (AKC) Q in August.

The 29th and 30th of December we'll be at the MMBC NADAC trial. I've got Buzz entered in both regular runs, touch n go, jumpers, and chances on Saturday. Sunday he has tunnelers, jumpers, and chances. Bailey has tunnelers and chances on Sunday too.

I can't wait for Christmas break! ONE more day! WAHOO!

New website is at http://geocities.com/arohaspringer

There are also new videos up on youtube