I split my blog at the beginning of September...

This is the "dog blog" and the "life blog" (which contains my life not pertaining to dogs directly) can be found here: http://mangomeg.blogspot.com


Up North

Up North 2007 (I want to go again, and it'd be really cool to go with both dogs and get GOOD pictures)

Split Rock Lighthouse

Split Rock Lighthouse (my favorite picture of him ever)
Split Rock Lighthouse
Split Rock Lighthouse

Gooseberry Falls



I had to move their CERFs to November 29th because I have to take my Praxis II test on November 15th. Makes more sense anyways because I'll be home for Thanksgiving break and won't be making a special trip home to visit the cities for CERFing.



I talked to my vet today and convinced him it would be a good idea to try treating Bailey for hypothyroidism (classified as a low normal, without external physical symptoms). We will be starting her on a "half" dose of Soloxine as soon as my mom can get to the vet. After twenty days we'll be doing a T4 check.

I'm crossing my fingers we see a positive change and my little boo dog doesn't feel like she needs to be the hallway monitor anymore.


More OFA Ramblings

There are two PRA affected dogs submitted to OFA (free submission for affected dogs, Bailey is one of those two affected dogs submitted) and twenty-one normal or carrier dogs. Someone was compiling a database in our yahoo group but that hasn't been updated in many months. My dogs aren't in there and they were tested over a year ago now.

I am absolutely thrilled that people have submitted results, I just wish more would. It seems to fall into the same category as failing hip and elbow results where many just cover it up because then no one will have "information" to judge their breeding decisions on.

I know a few people are still waiting on accurate paperwork from the lab and that's no good either! Hopefully we'll see an increase in submitted results soon. Both of my dogs are in there, and that's all I can do.

Bailey is the most health tested dog in her OFA "family" which is interesting as she's spayed. At least her relatives are in there for something though.

Hopefully next summer I can "do my part" and have both dogs blood run again to test for PFK. It's the same price as the PRA test we ran and at the time PRA information was more important so I had to decide. Their blood is banked for life (as long as I don't use it all up) so I just have to pay the fee to have the test run. Right now there's more important things to spend money on so it's still waiting (which is probably the mentality people have who haven't submitted their PRA forms to the databse, so I do understand but it doesn't change my desire for more ESS in the OFA databse for PRA).

Number 94

Bailey is English Springer Spaniel number 94 to have her Thryoid bloodwork run at an approved OFA lab, receive a "normal" rating, and be submitted to the databse. Hopefully we'll break 100 by this year! I plan to run Buzz's through Jean Dodd's and I don't think she can submit from there so he won't be contributing to raising the number of ESS who have their Thyroid OFA evaluated.

Bailey's OFA page with hips, elbows, cerf, pra, and thyroid test results


Logistics of Transporting Many Dogs

Hypothetical Situation
I go to school at Purdue (because Cornell doesn't offer me anything extra other than it being Cornell... Purdue looks cool... I'll just have to take a trip to Ithaca for fun). I bring three dogs and three cats, the hypothetical person I'd stay with brings three dogs. That many dogs doesn't fit in one vehicle that either of us currently owns.

So I start looking at vehicles that would fit six dogs (my Corolla fits two dogs comfortably which is fine when you only need to transport two dogs). Even my hypothetical three dogs wouldn't fit in my car so I'm already in a bind regardless of transporting dogs in addition to mine.

What does the ABSOLUTELY NO MINI VAN person come up with?
  1. Toyota Highlander Hybrid (looks almost possible to fit 3-4 medium sized dogs)
  2. Toyota FJ Cruiser (possibility of fitting 4-5 dogs if they all get along and extra "stuff" can be strapped on the outside of the car)

And after that it's all mini vans. The Toyota Sienna doesn't look too bad but *shudder* I don't want a mini van!



The Spuzz had a really good summer at the shows
16 qualifying scores out of 20 attempts!
*New Titles: O-NJC, NCC, O-TN-N, RL2

My Boo-dog had a good summer too
9 qualifying scores out of 10 attempts!
*New Title: RE

It's 1:30AM and I can't sleep. Of course I have a Psych quiz at 8AM... erg! But look at how good my dogs are! Awww!


Low Normal...

Why couldn't the vet actually look at the paperwork when I called him about her results.

A package from my mom came today and it contained Bailey's official thyroid results from MSU. First of all, it was kinda cool to see how the paperwork was all official and contained ALL of her information in addition to the "official result" they sent to OFA. MSU is cool! :-)

Free T4 range is 8-26. Guess what her reading is? Yup, 8. Can we say "VERY low normal" yes we can!

Free T3 is low too (4.2 with the normal range being 4.5-12.0).

KV is sending me Dodds stuff so I can write letter to vet and send information with it about treating low normals. Only glitch is she doesn't have power right now, so it'll be a few days.


health stuff

CERFs are scheduled for both dogs on November 15th. I'm hoping I can schedule Buzz's chiropractor appointment for that day too, just later. CERFs are at 8 & 8:15 am... hour and a half drive, yuck!

Bailey's thyroid came back "normal" (I'm still waiting for it to go up on OFA). Official OFA paperwork is at home, mom sent me the MSU results in the mail today so I should be able to look at those soon.

Looking at sending Buzz's thyroid blood to Dr. Dodds because it's not a whole lot more expensive than sending it to MSU, and I think it would be very beneficial to have her actually read the results.



I had fun with a cute boy in class
One of my new CDs arrived
It wasn't raining on my bike ride home from UMD
I've almost decided on a design for my tattoo
NADAC and AKC results pages showed all summer shows and results are accurate
Chocolate cake made a good desert

My blog always becomes more "school/social oriented" when school starts.

Plans for this weekend and next include
  • Grandma's
  • Pizza Luce
  • Rose Gardens
  • Amazing Grace
  • Victoria's Secret
  • Jake's Lake Place (Duluthian Life is Good store)
  • lots of movie watching with friends


focus, stress, sleep, friends

Since school started I hadn't gotten a good night's sleep for a variety of reasons. Even though I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, it was quality sleep and made me very refreshed. I was also able to take a nap this evening, which was quality sleep. I'm off to bed in a matter of minutes and I anticipate that being quality sleep too. It was so nice to go to sleep without a certain topic on my mind and to wake up without it all rushing back. It didn't cross my mind until a friend mentioned it, and it didn't elicit the respsonse it has in the past few weeks. I was able to breathe in the fresh air today, remove all thoughts from my mind, and truly enjoy it. Life is good.

I finally feel at ease, comfortable, and only slightly confused as to where I'm directing my life. Talking with a best friend until 5am really is a good.

It makes me happy to think about the friends and best friends I have. They're amazing.

Borrowing Randi's book "My Sister's Keeper" so I can settle for sleep by reading.

To make this dog related... I miss my puppers terribly!

South Dakota fun

I loves me some Erin!


Where's Theo?!?!


Theo da Gangsta!

Life Defined: Friends

"You're only as strong as the cocktails you drink, the tables you dance on, and the friends you hold on to."-Sex and the City

"A good friend is hard to find, hard to lose, and impossible to forget..."

"You are you and I am I,
You do your thing and I'll do mine,
and if in the end we meet up together,
it is beautiful."

"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather is one of those things that give value to survival." - C. S. Lewis

"No love, no friendship, can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever." - Francois Mocuriac

"Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods." - Artistotle

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."- Anais Nin

"A friend loves you, makes you feel alright, troubles are not troubles when you talk, listen and accept you as you are, because you will feel the same and love the same......."

"How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to."

"A friend is like a rainbow. They brighten your life when you've been through a storm."


animal related frustrations

No Bailey-thyroid news yet.
Buzz's chiro appointment had to be moved out another two weeks.

I need to make massage therapist appointments for both dogs.


AND, since Canidae/Felidae changed manufacturing plants I don't feel comfortable feeding the canned Felidae anymore so I'm out of my "reasonably priced" canned cat food. Guess I'm switching to the Eagle since that seems to be the next most reasonably priced good canned food.