More OFA Ramblings

There are two PRA affected dogs submitted to OFA (free submission for affected dogs, Bailey is one of those two affected dogs submitted) and twenty-one normal or carrier dogs. Someone was compiling a database in our yahoo group but that hasn't been updated in many months. My dogs aren't in there and they were tested over a year ago now.

I am absolutely thrilled that people have submitted results, I just wish more would. It seems to fall into the same category as failing hip and elbow results where many just cover it up because then no one will have "information" to judge their breeding decisions on.

I know a few people are still waiting on accurate paperwork from the lab and that's no good either! Hopefully we'll see an increase in submitted results soon. Both of my dogs are in there, and that's all I can do.

Bailey is the most health tested dog in her OFA "family" which is interesting as she's spayed. At least her relatives are in there for something though.

Hopefully next summer I can "do my part" and have both dogs blood run again to test for PFK. It's the same price as the PRA test we ran and at the time PRA information was more important so I had to decide. Their blood is banked for life (as long as I don't use it all up) so I just have to pay the fee to have the test run. Right now there's more important things to spend money on so it's still waiting (which is probably the mentality people have who haven't submitted their PRA forms to the databse, so I do understand but it doesn't change my desire for more ESS in the OFA databse for PRA).

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