SCVKC Agility

We came home with two more green qualifying run ribbons as well as a second and fourth place. She has 2/3 NJP and 1/3 NAP Qs now.

I'm so happy about how well she worked for me. Coming home with 7/8 Qs is an amazing feat! What a good girly!

She's tracking like a maniac now too. Class tonight was SO good, and I'm SO sad I leave for school on Sunday. I'll definitely be tracking her when I'm home though. We all really enjoy it!



NQ in Open today, but she worked really well for me. Can't really complain, and now we have time to work on a few more things before showing again.

Q in Excellent B (97) and Advanced B (99) for another double Q! Yippy!

ribbons from the last two days (she was not fond of having her picture taken today...)

And just a cute one, AFTER the ribbon picture attempts :)



thryoid and shows

We drew blood last Thursday for a thyroid test going to MSU (and then on to OFA) but the vet didn't know it needed to be overnighted, so it didn't arrive until Monday, long after it needed to be run. Thankfully they're not charing me for a redraw, I just have to bring her in on Monday, but that means that I won't get results until I'm at school. That's somewhat frustrating.

We showed at the TCVESSA obedience and rally trials today. It went SO well. We had obedience first and we QUALIFIED in Open A! That's our first Q and our second time in the open ring. VERY good girly! 190/200 and 3rd place.

She also qualified in rally Excellent B and Advanced B for her second QQ!

I am just THRILLED she qualified in Open! YIPPY! :)


Bailey CD RE TN-N

Friday, August 15, Bailey qualified in Rally Excellent with an 88 and Rally Advanced with a 96 to finish her RE and gain her first RAE double Q!

We have Rally and Obedience on Thursday and Friday for the TCVESSA shows. I hope we can put in good performances there too!


My August

8/15: CMKC rally trial with Bailey
8/16-8/17: Aberdeen, SD with Erin and Ben to visit Chris!
8/18-8/20: Ely, MN to stay at the http://www.grandelylodge.com and visit the International Wolf Center (http://wolf.com)
8/21-8/22: Anoka, MN for the TCVESSA specialty with Bailey
8/24: Lake Elmo, MN for the SCVKC agility trial with Bailey
8/27: MN State Fair!

Then I sadly have to go back to school. Oh well, the end of August is jam packed with FUN!


Now, to bed because I have to open at the Cafe tomorrow at 6:00am all by myself (well, Aaron is cooking but that doesn't count).


Buzz and I entered five runs on Saturday, August 9th (two level 1B and three level 2A) and I was slightly worried he may not make it all day. He showed BEAUTIFULLY!

Level 1B
Q/203/4th (13 ARCH points)
Q/204/4th (14 ARCH points)

Level 2A
Q/205/2nd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjA9iXbYNXQ
Q/203/1st! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfArPpHoVHM

So, we have finally started on the path to our ARCH. He needs 100 points, 30 of which have to come from level 1, 30 from level 2 and the remaining from either. We also need 5 QQs from Level 1B and 2B. APDT comes around in MN again January 31 & February 1!



It's been a while.

Random thoughts...
*New friends are so much fun
*Old friends are always good for reminiscing with
*Making time for a phone call really is worthwhile
*Laughter is good for the soul
*Boys are just trouble
*Make sure any boys you color with use magic markers... crayons and colored pencils are, well... inefficient (yeah, uhh... watch Sex and the City, the movie, and you'll get it)
*A good haircut with a best friend makes everything seem so much better

Today was a good day. Monday was an amazing day. I can't wait for the fifteenth and sixteenth.