meal time

Meal time at our house is chaos. Not that everyone is ill behaved (hovering around the counter is ill behaved? naw! Opportunists at work!), but the stuff we've gotta do to prepare meals for the crew.

Just for kicks, I'm posting here what everyone gets (hint: there should be links to everything I post so you can check it out)

(Everyone gets fed twice a day)
>1 cup of kibble, Fromm
1/2 tablet Glyco-Flex II
2 Fish oil capsules
1 tsp Prozyme

1 cup of kibble, Fromm
1/2 tablet Glyco-Flex II (morning only)
1 Fish oil capsule
1 tsp Prozyme

>1/4 cup kibble, Chicken Soup (can't get Felidae locally anymore)
1/2 tablet Methimazole (hyperthyroid med)
sprinkle of Prozyme
some canned Felidae

2 tablespoons canned Felidae
lots of water with food
1/4 cup SD c/d (most likely going to switch to the Wysong Uretic when this bag runs out; didn't know there was an alternative until a month ago and very wary of switching his diet because he couldn't handle another surgery if he were to block again)
LOTS of water with food

1/4 cup kibble, Chicken Soup
some canned Felidae

Mix up everyone's meals, pick up dirty dishes, put down clean ones with food... throw dirty ones in dishwasher and start. Repeat twice daily.


Happy Birthday ALI!

A good friend from school turned 21 last week and her party was last night. It was super exciting! We had a blast! Her parents made her a 'bud lite' cake for her birthday and it was a fabulous creation.

I really can't believe that we're all getting (dare I say it?) old. heh Old is just a term though, we'll be youthful forever... no doubt!

Of course, I was the only one who carried a sippy cup around. No one else was brave enough. Mine kept spurting at me due to the carbonation... beware, carbonation and sippy cups with no vent don't go well together!

I was even feeling generous enough to share my lucky charms in vanilla soy milk. I don't usually share food well, but I felt like it... and the kid only wanted my marshmallows.

I think that's my new favorite meal, btw. I was limited in my cereal choices before because not much goes with chocolate soy milk, and before yesterday I wasn't keen on being adventerous and trying a new kind/flavor. But I did and it is SO good!

I'm not lactose intolerant, just not a big fan of milk (or meat or many veggies) so, I find alternatives. I typically drink 8th Continent chocolate soy milk stuff, but like I said before, that doesn't go well with many cereals (I can think of 2).

I like:
cukes (raw)
carrots (raw)
most of the time I like chicken
most of the time I like ham
8th Continent chocolate soy milk stuff
and now Organic WestSoy Plus vanilla milk stuff

and that's about what my meals revolve around


Now I'm off to take a glorious walk outside because it's a beautiful day.



I have lots of lofty goals. Goals for life, goals for dog stuff, goals for everything.

I've learned a lesson about goals though, you need to set goals for the little things that lead up to the big things.

So, since I would really like to get Bailey's CDX and Buzz's UCDX. We need to pick exercises, or portions of exercises to work on. I think both would benefit from out of sight sit stay practice. I have started doing this at home, and until it gets really reliable at home, I'm not going to bring them other places to work. So far we have worked on holding a sit while I walk in the front door, close it, then walk back out; sit in another room while I prepare dinner; and just plain ol' stay games.

I'd like to work up to leaving dog in a sit and me go to basement and return to find doggy just where I left him/her. We'll get there. Both have done a longer than three minute sit, but not for quite a while (well, Bailey did it last August but I don't think that was anything more than a fluke because I never really trained it).

So, goals for next time I go home are more sit/stay work until we can get on some mats and work with equipment at a run through or lesson.


work was CRAZY!!! last night

For those who don't know, I work at Subway. That's right, I'm a 'Sandwich Artist' who comes home from work reeking like bread. My roommates think I smell really good. I guess Subway bread would smell good, if I didn't smell like it!

Anyways, a new 'deal' started recently. As more and more people learn about it, we get more and more customers. You can now get any 'regular' (feast, philly cheesesteak, and doublestacked sandwiches not included) footlong sandwich for only $5. Apparently people think that's the most fabulous thing in the world!

Do you know what that means? That means that last night between five and six pm, we made ninety sandwiches. We can only bake twelve pieces of bread at a time. We had been baking bread all day, but... we came very close to running out. Under normal circumstances, we would borrow bread from the mall, central, london, or holiday center. Everyone of those places was almost out of bread too! One of them even has a double oven!

We finished the rush with TEN PIECES of bread! FYI, a full cabinet holds fifty-four footlong pieces of bread. Poor Steven was STILL baking bread when I left at ten because they needed bread for in the morning.

It was nuts. I've worked quite often when we've had insane rushes, but NEVER that much. We don't even know how to prevent it in the future because they were baking bread ALL day and we only have one oven.

We all survived, but it's not something any of us want to repeat!

The Count Down Begins!

To Buzz's Novice Versatility!

NAC, check!
NJC, check!
TN-N, check!
TG-N, check!
NCC, almost... need one more Q!
WV-N, it's finally started... need two more Qs!

I can't believe it, but we MAY actually get into Open. We 'only' need five more jumpers Qs, six more tunnelers Qs... it's actually becoming a realistic goal! Woohoo!

I do want to continue playing in obedience and rally too, but those are somewhat limited currently by availability. Though, I have heard rumor of another summer APDT trial. If so, we're clearing that weekend out and saving up for it! I absolutely love APDT, and I think Buzz does too! What's better than playing lots of fun games, AND getting treats too!?!?!?


Fido Fleece

Our agility friend saw Fido Fleece on sale at Chuck and Dons a while back and knew we were looking for some. So she kindly picked some up for us and held onto them until the trial. They fit the dogs PERFECTLY!

I took some pictures, to show off their new winter coats!
Buzz looks somewhat like a hot dog... but he's cute!



They should keep the dogs nice and toasty when it gets down to -20 again next winter! Fido Fleece rocks!

Trial Videeooooos!

Courtesy of Mousie! Thanks!

They each even get their OWN playlist! How cool!

Bailey's tunnelers run
(ok, so she's not moving as fast as it felt like... but we sitll had tons of fun and I didn't/don't notice any sign of pain... woohoo; stupid handler pulled her off the last tunnel with early celebration... ARG, but we STILL MADE TIME!)

The Spuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Touch N Go #2 (should have done that front cross between the blue and yellow tunnels in the back)

The weavers training run... my dog got stuck... big time, but he weaved, we celebrated... and he did all his weaves in the next weavers run!!!!

He weaves, he weaves! Stupid handler pulled him out of the weaves... but we STILL MADE TIME!

Tunnelers- he was moving kinda slow, I'm thinking 4 runs a day might be his max now... he did five great in December but... he is getting older. We might need to adjust his arthritis meds again too. At least we have time to play around with it.


ACTS NADAC results...

This is definitely on the list of 'best trials' that I've been informally keeping. It wasn't the Qs, it was the small successes that are building into big successes.

1. I was able to regain his focus after touching noses with a horse in the stall and sniffing calves. We went on to complete the touch n go course and he didn't visit the rest of the day. How did I regain his focus? Tried calling his name which elicited no response, walked up to him, downed him, took a lead out and sent him into a tunnel. We were able to finish the course nicely!
2. He was RUNNING and having fun.
3. HE WEAVED! He really did it!
4. Novice Touch N Go qualifying run to earn TG-N
5. Q in tunnelers
6. FIRST ever Q in WEAVERS! (A baby food turkey party followed that run!)

1. Shot off like a rocket in tunnelers.
2. Really responded well to cues
3. Ran SUPER FAST! (I think this deserves to be multiplied by like a hundered)
4. QUALIFIED to finish her TN-N; her FIRST agility title!

It was a great day! They both ran SO well... SO well!

I *think* I'll move her up to Open tunnelers. It's the same course, she's shown she has the speed for it... and then I don't have to pawn off the rest of cooling out a dog while I run another. Our warm up/cool down routines are fairly long... and done to prevent injuries. I won't put away a 'hot' dog so while I warmed Bailey up and ran her a really nice friend finished cooling Buzz out for me. I much appreciated that!



Tonight is my birthday party!

I'm excited, it should be lots of fun... we're meeting at Grizzly's at 7 then of course there is an after party, but we don't know where yet.

Saturday bringing Baby to the vet.

Sunday, DOG SHOW! We finally get to play NADAC again! I'm very excited about that!



Hmmm... now I really want to learn more about vet stuff!

Bailey's elbows both passed.

I'm very confused. Then why was she limping (and probably would be still without her joint supplement)? So, we got good news but that also means we didn't find the answer to the problem. I just don't get it. The left elbow was REALLY nice. The right one, not so much.

I should give my vet a lot of credit though, he said they would both pass, and they did. I was very skeptical.

Anyways, here's her OFA page. http://offa.org/display.html?appnum=1216954#animal

I guess we'll keep searching for the answer about her limping.

First time since I found out that I'm saying "horray, her elbows passed" heh...

Lots of questions. Wonder what the vet'll say. Definitely have to ask him.


UKC's stance on (AKC's) limited registration

UKC Position Statement: Limited Registration Schemes and Spay/Neuter

The United Kennel Club, established in 1898, is the world’s largest all-breed performance dog registry. While we recognize other registries, and share issues and concerns with registries around the world, our rules, regulations and guidelines are indeed our own and are designed around the UKC mission statement. One difference between the UKC and another American dog registry is a method ostensibly created to encourage breeders to handle stock that is - in the breeder’s opinion - not suitable for breeding.

One dog registry has a system of registration that allows a breeder to sell puppies with a registration paper that prohibits its puppies from being registered with that registry. The United Kennel Club feels that this system is unenforceable, creates a false sense of security for the breeder, and is susceptible to abuse.

The United Kennel Club does offer a Limited Privileges Listing, which allows dogs that are spayed or neutered to compete in some UKC events. This is not to be confused with a scheme in which the papers precede the spaying or neutering of the dog. A limited registration paper does nothing to ensure the puppy in question is ever spayed or neutered.

The United Kennel Club believes that a registry has no place in attempting to legislate these matters and has no place in the breeder’s whelping box. Instead, we encourage breeders to take responsibility for these matters by: 1) spaying or neutering any dog they feel is not suitable for breeding before they sell the puppy, 2) by entering into contract with the buyer that requires spaying and neutering at a determined interval or 3) by simply holding registration papers until furnished proof of spay/neuter. Additionally, we hope that those employing spay-neuter contracts, registration schemes or any other effort consider the whole dog, rather than conformation traits alone, for the criteria for such decisions. There are many reasons that a healthy, hardy dog with, for example, great, breed-specific hunting instincts could advance the breed even though the dog does not have the aesthetics to win in a dog show ring.

In America, when a puppy buyer purchases a puppy, the puppy is theirs: they have every right to do with it what is allowable within the parameters of prevailing law. No dog registry owns a dog, a breed, or a breeder. Obviously, the UKC prefers any dog is bred responsibly and for the criteria outlined in our UKC Total Dog approach, an approach which includes but is not limited to breed conformation. It is our mission to create events and programs that showcase the Total Dog as a way to encourage such breeding.

Proponents of a limited registration approach claim the registration certificate discourages the buyer from breeding the dog. Opponents claim that there is room for abuse by breeders who: 1) want to limit the market in their area of puppies that are registrable by a specific registry; 2) want to charge twice for the same puppy; or once to purchase the puppy, and a second time to reverse the limited status or 3) use it as leverage to persuade owners to put a performance title on the dog before releasing full privileges.

The United Kennel Club, Inc. has no opinion of either side of any of these claims as we do not have such a registration scheme. We have no intent, however, of being part of such abuse. We feel that when a breeder chooses to advance their breed by creating puppies, they accept full responsibility while being aware of all of the uncertainties and uncontrollable issues associated with canine genetics and human behavior.

Acknowledging some of the philosophical differences that exist between registries also may help in shedding light on the topic. The United Kennel Club has always and will always be a performance dog registry. While we proudly hold conformation events with a total dog emphasis, we are not driven by one specific event type. Other registries are indeed driven by conformation events. We have no argument with that fact and applaud the diversity among registries. Our mission, however, is not defined by striving to create show dogs only. With that said, placing limits on the offspring of a dog because it doesn’t meet certain conformation criteria is less likely to be a factor for those breeding for health, performance, trainability, or breed specific character – all of which are elements that advance a breed. For example, a breeder striving to produce a quality retriever would be pleased to have a responsible person buy a dog from them and breed the dog responsibly if the dog had a strong propensity to retrieve and excellent hips, even if it had conformation traits that made it undesirable for the show ring. There are many good reasons for a responsible breeder to spay or neuter a puppy (or enter a contract to do so) beyond conformation, especially health, instincts, structure, breed character and temperament appropriate for the breed. The whole dog, and the current state of a breed’s gene pool, must be considered.

For those who think the UKC does not recognize limited registration schemes for monetary reasons should consider the following: the United Kennel Club routinely refuses registrations to AKC Registered dogs that have breed disqualifications. If the UKC was interested in increasing registration revenue, we would accept the tens of thousands of AKC registered dogs with disqualifying faults such as white Schnauzers, red Rottweilers, and silver Labradors.

We encourage all breeders to consider the creation of a litter of puppies a major and sometimes daunting responsibility. Every puppy a breeder creates deserves a good home with responsible owners. We understand the inexact science of breeding and that the results can be less than desired. In cases where a puppy does not meet a breeder’s own personal criteria to advance the breed, we strongly encourage them to spay or neuter the puppy before selling it or to enter into a binding contract to do so and not to rely on a dog registry to implement this request.

Found the link on Cat's blog, then this was posted at: http://www.swedishvallhund.com/ukc_position_statement.htm, and I can't seem to find a direct link on UKC. I'll keep searching.

Please, if you read this... comment, as I think it would be a really good discussion!


Happy Birthday... to me!

I'm 21 today!

Last night brothers took me out to celebrate since in WI you get an 'hour of power' which was only an hour because of daylight savings!

So, to celebrate I had:
1 screwdriver
1 sex on the beach
1 jag bomb
1 tequilia sunrise
1/2 dreamsicle

And later today I had:
1 pomegranite margarita

It was a good night. Saw TONS of people I knew which made it super fun!


screen savers

I've been on and off the computer all day today. Came back from taking the dogs for a walk (we've got improvement with that whole 'walk nicely' bit with Bailey, very happy about that) and saw a picture on my screen saver that I couldn't remember taking or looking at!

So I dug around and found a couple of pictures from 11/4/05, LONG time ago!

They're all three of my dude man and in a set of pictures that I've taken quite a few from and loved... don't know how I missed these!





more pictures!

I'm home, the dogs are clean... I'm trying to take lots of pictures!




I tried... she just doesn't stack.




I'm uploading some old videos I found (Bailey's novice rally stuff) and her first foray into the competitive obedience ring. Fun stuff!


groomed and bathed Buzz

Buzz was the first one to be completely done and I got a couple of pictures.




I still need tons of grooming practice, but I'm getting better. Buzz smells really good, and feels so soft now too (the wonders of heat activated Ice on Ice after a bath)!


home sweet home

I'm finally home. Driving conditions were terrible. Tons of accidents, the road was like a sheet of ice. But... I made it home safe and in one piece, no accident for me!

I was so happy to see everyone again. Dogs need to be groomed and bathed REALLY badly... some 'before' pictures are at the end of this and I'll post 'after' pix tomorrow hopefully.

Everyone seems to be doing well, but Bailey isn't doing as well as I'd hoped/been told. I'm glad I'm home this week so I can try a few different things to hopefully get her back to 'normal' and pain free.

And now for some pictures of doggers that really need to be groomed and bathed!

Bailey's grinch foot...
bailey grinch foot

Buzz's grinch foot...
buzz grinch foot

fuzzy-wuzzy-scraggly Bailey body...
bailey scraggly body

Bailey's rear-end curls (hehe)
bailey rear

Buzz fuzz
fuzz buzz

uhh... whisker trimming, lip clean up... but he's cute, right?
buzz whiskers

aww, she's cute all the time!
bailey face

'mom... can we please just play... put that thing down! or I'm going to stay in here
bailey crate

Tada... hopefully I'll have some purty dog pictures tomorrow!


Where do we stand?

I've been bored. How do I have time to be bored? Well, I'm hanging out for two days after spring break started to work... instead of my usual schedule that is school, work, homework, sleep... I've had HOURS of free time and 'nothing' to do. So I played with numbers instead...

Novice Versatility requirements
NAC: 3/3
NJC: 3/3
TN-N: 3/3
NCC: 2/3
TG-N: 2/3
WV-N: 0/3

We need five more qualifying scores. He's entered in weavers for the first time in two weeks. One is definitely going to be a training run. We're gonna make our own course if need be... depending on how it is set up- we'll do the set of 6, some tunnels then the set of twelve then LEAVE for a jackpot party! Or, just the set of 12 and party! Of course, throw lots of tunnels in there too for fun before the set of 12!

I'm not sure when our next trial will be, it all depends on fixing Bailey (chiro and specialist appointments) and Baby (old kitty... whatever I need to to do to make her remaining time here pain free and happy... I will do, I can certainly skip 'for fun' dog stuff for her... no questions).

Note to self- BRING CAMERA to the trial!

I'm happy it's a club trial... those are always so much fun!