Don't be too sure!

It seems like everytime I blog about something, the animals have to prove me wrong! Remember when I said the Kirkland was working for Buzz? Yeah. Not so much. He's back on California Natural and doing better, but now I'm fighting a battle with his clogged eyelid pores because of too much oil (but extra oil is necessary for keep his allergies in check).

Oi vey! I want to wash his darn eyelids with an astringent, but that's not safe. I need to discuss with my vet what would be safe, because I need to keep giving him extra oils!

The cats are ALL doing wonderfully on the Kirkland though *crosses fingers* and it is considerably cheaper than what I was buying for Baby that she didn't want to eat. Snot!

I should do another post but, meh. I ordered Cosequin for cats a while back because it was "the right thing to do" since I have two boys and an old girlie. I started just giving it to Baby but the saw it is supposedly good for the urinary tract. Now the boys get it too. Good or bad, Baby gives EVERYONE the "What FOR!" if they invade her space and RUNS and plays outside. It's only been what? a month, so I'm impressed! All these products I never thought I'd need that are keeping my animals happy and healthy. I'm glad they were invented!


New Website

Nope, I haven't created one, but I need to. Geocities is shutting down and I think it's time for an upgrade anyways. I went from a tripod site, to this one and now I think it's time I learn to do some real HTML work.

Does anyone have any suggestions? If I have to buy a program, I want it to be good, obviously. I'd like to learn more about HTML though, ideally.

So... help?!



Sheesh dog!
I'd been meaning to get Buzz xrayed for years now, but something else has always come up and I've felt like I could push it out further. Last Thursday (Hey, I've been busy!) he was xrayed. I told the vet we were not going to sedate him. But that didn't work as he howled in pain whenever they tried to stretch him out to get the xray. Hello bigger problem. My good dog was biting and in very obvious pain when we tried to take the xrays. That concerned me enough to have him sedated so we could get a clear shot.

My dog has a fractured pelvis.

His hips and elbows looked really good though, especially for 11 years old.

Conflicting advice but thus far he's on crate rest for a month. I've let him hang out with me during the day when all bedroom doors are closed and basement door is. He's a pretty lazy guy in the house. Tonight though he was getting all excited (nighttime does that to him) so he's been crated for a few hours.

Not too much information from the xray, but the vet did say it is already healing on its own, so it happened a while ago. sad.gif I'm wracking my brain to think of WHEN or WHAT!!! He may have fallen off the bed at the river which is pretty high, and is set on a wood floor. His teeter fly off may have caused it but that was a front end thing really. He could have slipped on the ice. I really don't know. I just hope he recovers soon!

We'll re-xray in about a month.


Open A adventures

Our specialty was this weekend and I just entered Bailey in Open A as I didn't know where I'd be at in a lot of respects. I was helping at a camp on Saturday and we headed off to Elk River on Sunday. The new setting was great, socialized with friends, and my dog and I tried to act as a team.

Tried being the key word. I know how early (or rather, how NOT early) I need to get my dog out. I am good at gauging this in Obedience/Rally because we are typically crated close to the ring. Judge said she was ready to start and it took about 15 minutes for her to actually start. That's my fault I haven't trained our prep-time better but *sigh* learn something every time you trial (and I wasn't done learning yet).

Her heeling was good after she bumped me on the first turn and tried to front. YAY for teaching my dog to find heel position. Figure 8 was a little wide, but her right turns were beautiful. I was quite pleased.

Drop on recall was good. A little slow on the drop, but nothing to really complain about.

Retrieve on flat. My good dog waited for the word "fly" and flew out there. She was in such a hurry she grabbed the dumbell by its' bell. She can't carry it like that so she had to drop it and pick it back up again, correctly this time. Despite a poor pick up, she tried really hard.

I was flustered after that (actually happens quite rarely) and set her up WAY too close to the high jump. I was almost ON the line, ARG! I won the stupid handler award for that. I didn't even realize it until quite a bit later when I was trying to figure out why my dog refused the jump going out AND coming back. My poor dog, and it made me look like a complete Novice (which I am, but not usually like THAT). It's a good thing I know her performance is a direct reflection of my handling and training. I wasn't upset with her and her broad jump was very nice, she never shut down on me and stuck with me the whole way. Good Girl!

So, in a single run I learned a LOT about my dog and what we still need to work on.

1) Use her "relax" cue if I realize it's going to be a while and I can't crate her.
2) Begin to vary the warm up routine so altering it doesn't throw her completely.
3) PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Specifically to distances from things!)
4) Trust my dog to do the job I've taught her to.
5) I need to build duration for her sit/wait at heel when we're not doing something but will be.
6) Everything else that I can't think of right now and will think of very soon I'm sure.

So, no Q for us, but hopefully soon. I'm entering Duluth on Friday and we'll play in rally that day again too. We'll get there, and I know we can do it, but I need to focus on MY job since I know my dog can do hers!


New Camera!

I got a Nikon D40 for Graduation! I AM SO EXCITED! It absolutely rocks.

Here's a sampling from tonight. I am a total amateur, but it has been FUN to play with.
My poor tortured dog.
Second 025

Second 029

Second 030


The Old Ones

What do you do with the old ones,
The ones that are past, their glory gone by.
The ones that didn't win, however they tried.
The ones that did win, but later turned shy.
The first one you bought, that had a light eye.
They're eating their heads off, the food bills are high,

What do you do with the old ones?
Find them good homes is the answer, it's clear.
But the only good home mine wants is right here.
Their own special sofa, covered in hair.
They all cut teeth on the dining room chairs.
The safe and familiar paths of their days
The garden, the outings, their own funny ways,
That only I know...and even their food,
If not given by me, wouldn't taste half as good.
So now I'm deep in old ones, who are not good at all.
Who clutter the sitting room, kitchen and hall.
Who need to be brushed, to be walked, loved and fed,
Who want only me to put them to bed!
They're faithful and loving and set in their ways,
So I'm stuck with them all, for the rest of their days.
But I have to confess that when we do have to part,
I'll miss them so much...it will just break my heart.

Author: unknown


Happy Birthday

to my number one, best boy ever!

My Buzz turns 11 today (it IS past midnight now). Holy cow has time flown this past year. I've been away for his birthday four years in a row I think now. The old man doesn't know it, he just misses sleeping on my bed with me at night. What self respecting old man sleeps in a crate anyways?!

I am thrilled that my buddy boy is still here. Despite coming from poor breeding, he's still having the time of his life in as he begins his second year in the double digits! A few changes along the way but he's still the same Heart Dog. Deafness doesn't change who he is as a dog.

How do I say thank you to the dog who got me to where I am today? Well, I could give him exactly what he wants, and I will do that when I get home next Monday.
  • Sleeping in bed with me
  • Going for walks WITHOUT the young'n
  • Digging for gophers
  • Swimming (provided it isn't freezing out)
  • Tracking (he'll come with me while I assist with a tracking class)
  • A dinner of raw food... THAT is Buzz heaven
Life is a journey, a slow process of learning about yourself and the world around you, and something to be cherished. I am thankful every day for each day I have with my Buzz. The one who has listened to me babble on for years about everything. He has gone through every life changing event with me without so much as batting an eye. My first competition dog, though not who I earned my first title with, he currently holds the most titles. I've truly come to understand what it means to enjoy each day and each run. Live life to the fullest is what Buzz says, and live each day as if it were your last. Don't wait until tomorrow, do it today.

I hope he is around to help teach my future puppy what being a Great Dog is all about. He's a great puppy socializer and since I'll never have his legacy to carry on, I want the puppy to meet him.

Tonight, I'm toasting to you Buzz.
all 030







Buzz UCD




If you made it through all of those pictures... congratulations!


a few photos

River-(white?) GSD/Chessie from Animal Allies yesterday, hilarious puppy.
Likely partially blind, has super splayed feet, SO happy though! He's a crazy puppy who is very mouthy with sharp puppy teeth! Very interested in people. When his ears stand up, he is even more adorable!

My Bailey
Taken on one of the first days back at the farm, she's wondering what the heck I thought I was doing going back to bed! Can't I see how BORED she is?

Best puppy ad I've seen in a long time!
way too funny
Yep, they're "extra rare" because daddy is 1/16th Australian Sheppard (I took their spelling of it). Oooh, sign me up please! (For more info, just search for the farm name...)

And this photo is OLD!
Erin's kitty Fuser. Evil kitty who only cuddles with Erin and Steve. He's snarky, but you've gotta appreciate that I suppose.


New Building

Animal Allies, where I spent every Friday afternoon before heading home freshman year, has a new building! I'm so excited for them and I'm off to see it today. The new building is in a better location for the dogs, and it's a new building!

I'll definitely update when I get back.

Very exciting!