More Rehab

Most of you probably already know that Bailey had a lump removed recently.

It was getting in the way of her active life style. It made her sad.

Now we're past the surgery and into week five of recovery. She has seen Dr. Julia twice and this last time she got some pretty sweet exercises to do (and I got some massage-type things to do). Behaviors that nobody ever thinks will come in handy that Bailey is now doing for rehab.
  1. Leg Lifts
  2. Side Passes (although, this specific behavior is being lured as Dr. Julia wants the feet to meet then separate, NOT cross)
  3. Step on to perch, step off perch
  4. Sit with front feet elevated
  5. Bow
  6. Fold back down
  7. Tuck sit with rear feet held in
#7 is important because this is her baseline right now.
A still from a video clip
Which happens to be significantly worse than her baseline last time we worked on this.

This is how well she could sit, with effort.

Yay for more hat box sits!

And leg lifts!
Although, she's not working on the ball yet.
Most importantly though, this is what her leg looks like now!

No more lump!