A Picture...

That tells so much.

Once I finally decided to learn how to pinpoint what I do and don't like in a dog, of course I wanted to evaluate my own. Bailey is by no means perfect, but she does possess some really great qualities. Her list of "bad" far outweighs her list of "good" conformationally wise, but that doesn't make her any less of a great pet and wonderful companion. She is spayed, and was never bred, so this is all just a fun learning experience for me.

Some background information if you haven't visited my site.

  • Bailey's sire is a conf Ch
  • Her dam's side has no AKC titles for at least three generations (but I was told they were used as hunting companions)
  • Her sire is OFA Excellent, dam OFA Good, and she is OFA Good.

Now, for her conformationally bad qualities...

  • cow hocked
  • low tailset
  • "bitchy" head
  • too tall (19.75")
  • incorrect coat (could be due to being shaved, but doubtful)
  • topline is uneven (accentuated by her low tailset and being cow hocked)

But for each thing bad, there are many good...

  • nice amount of reach
  • wonderful front and front movement
  • clean scissors bite
  • good earset and expression

The TaskForce Completed Website

It has been released.


I really like their table in the breed characteristics section. Take a look around, and pass it on. In a perfect world there wouldn't be any BYB's or puppy mills. Maybe someday it'll be close if we all work towards that common goal. Education is key, but you can't alienate and educate a person.