The Littlest Big Girl Spaniel

Bailey's been having a really rough time lately. The move has been really hard on her, all of these adjustments have been more than she can tolerate so her mental state is compromised nearly constantly. Add into that mix the fact that she's dealing with multiple physical-medical issues as well and I'm feeling pretty down about my little girl spaniel. I'm being as proactive and reactive as I can possibly be. We've got an appointment with Dr. Duxbury at the University of MN Veterinary Medical Center's Behavior Department, we've been to see multiple veterinarians about her other issues and have an appointment for more at 9:30 tomorrow morning. So to shake the "woe is us" mindset, I tracked down some pictures that remind me of who she is when she's physically and mentally sound.

Of course, if you can spare any good thoughts, we'll take them. For now, I've got both of my best elderly spaniels sprawled out next to me and it's a good night.