Bailey's Thyroid

Recheck says she's right in the middle, where she should be. We're going to continue with the Thyroxine. Next recheck isn't for a couple of months now.

YAY! I really hope this helps my little girly boo dog. No creature deserves to feel like she has been.


MMBC NADAC entries

I filled out entries today, just waiting for my mom to mail me my vouchers (I never remember to plan ahead... erg). I can't wait to trial again!

Buzz is entered in 3 runs each day. Last time we showed he was getting pretty slow after 5/3 so I decided we'll just try 3/3. He's entered in jumpers both days, touch n go both days, tunnelers Saturday, and weavers Sunday.

Bailey is entered in jumpers, chances, touch n go, and tunnelers on Saturday; jumpers, chances, and weavers on Sunday. I'm running a dog in OPEN! She's in OPEN Tunnelers! Woohoo!

So sad that the trial isn't actually until the end of December, but I'm sure it will be here before I know it.


Do You Remember Love?


B & B pages for Annelise

I'm looking through my photobucket again and look what I found!

(clicky to make bigger)


I made these for Annelise's book last spring.


Hip Dysplasia from Dolittler

Hip Dysplasia link

"And this is where I find my clients confused: Some tend to think that over time, rubbing and grinding might lead to a smoothing-out of the joint. Instead, the body reacts to the ill fit of the joint by trying to stabilize it. In essence, the body produces hard, bony material in and around the joint so that the hip doesn’t move as much and therefore won’t cause the animal so much pain."

2008 ESSFTA Nationals!


It starts October 24th! Ann and Kiera are going... I think she said shooting bitch (conformation) and agility! We're going to be cheering them on!

I'll definitely be posting results as I get them. There's quite a few Minnesotian's going, so it should be a good showing. I'm assuming the TopGun dogs are in hunt tests, obedience, agility, and conformation. I don't know of anyone doing tracking, but many are participating in conformation.


Fido Fleece

Poor picture quality (and I know I've posted the pictures before), I'll have to get good/new pictures this winter when they're actually being used in the frigid, cold, winter.




Health Testing


"Health testing is a wonderful tool when used properly. Like many of the advances in our modern world, it is also subject to abuse/misuse. As breeders, let's all strive to avail ourselves of the valuable information provided by health testing, without misusing it!"

Always good to think about.


PetEdge order arrival

The PetEdge packages were there when I arrived on Friday. That made me very happy!

The Slumber Pet Deluxe Plush Crate Beds (http://homeandkennel.petedge.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=52983) are a big hit. The bolsters are REALLY thick and met with the approval of both dogs. I thought they were very soft, and felt pretty well made too.

The bed I ordered was also definitely worth the money! Buzz adores it. It's supportive, comfortable, and who knows what else. He definitely gives the Slumber Pet Therapeutic Memory Foam Bed (http://www.petedge.com/Slumber-Pet-Therapeutic-Memory-Foam-Beds-ZW276.pro) two paws up! I'm not sure he'll be sharing with Bailey anytime soon, so another one may have to be ordered this winter. Since things in our house get dirty, FAST, I tried to be proactive and put the actual bed (under the cover) in a plastic contractor bag. I put the cover back on over it, and wrapped a sheet around it. I'm really hoping I don't ever need to wash the cover, but in case I need to, now the whole bed won't be ruined.

My favorite part of the whole order was my NEW BLADE! I've been a bad groomer, but with my new sharp blade! OOOOH! I forgot what a brand new blade is LIKE! And realized that even my 7F needs to be sharpened. Buzz got a feet/face/tail/neck trim and looks really good. No clipper lines, no missed hair... it's nice to use a quality blade again!


A couple of friends and I occasionally do C-WAGS "shows" and here are two exercises we chose for this one.

Distracted Stay

Call to Heel


PetEdge continued

Now I understand why it costs more to ship the bed!
  1. It weighs quite a bit
  2. It comes directly from the company
I wish they would have said that's why! Now I'm very interested to see it. I REALLY hope Buzz likes it (he'll probably be the one to claim it because he claimed the Woolrich bed before (I HAD to buy it because Kira was on it and we do agility with Kira).

I like tracking my packages! It's still in MA, but should be there on Friday when I get home! Yay! I can groom, and bathe dogs, and put new beds in their crates. Bailey's is maroon colored, Buzz's is forest green.



I spend a lot more money at PetEdge each year than I should, but it's so hard to say no to things that are really on sale! I've been meaning to order a new bed for the dogs for quite some time but the shipping charge for the bed was crazy. Today I sucked it up because even with the crazy shipping charge, it's cheaper than any others I've seen.

So, I ordered a new #10 blade (mine is dull as well as missing a tooth... just decided to get a new one), new crate pads, and the bed. I hope the dogs enjoy their new beds. The old ones are very old and not very comfy anymore.


ARCH Countdown

Since I'd rather be working with my dogs than here at school doing this thing so called studying... I figured I may as well figure out what else Buzz needs for his ARCH.

So far he has his RL1 & RL2 as well as 27 points from RL1B. We need 100 points total and they're divided by needing at least 30 from RL1B and 30 from RL2B. We also need 5 double qualifying scores in RL1B and RL2B. We don't have any of those yet as he has yet to show in RL2B.

The MMBC APDT trial is in Jan/Feb this year and I'm so excited. I don't want to be greedy, but I think it would be possible for Buzz to get very close to his ARCH. I think he could manage 4 runs on Saturday and possibly 3 on Sunday. I would enter him in RL1B and RL2B twice on Saturday. Sunday would be RL1B, RL2B, and RL3A-one run each. That means we could possibly earn 3 QQs needed, as well as start on his RL3 title!

Now, I just need to actually work my dog... and wait patiently for the MMBC APDT trial!

Yet another, I want!

This time, it's a puppy! So, I wanted a Vad x Remi puppy from their last litter. As life would turn out, I couldn't have one at that time. Guess what?! An oops happened... I WANT A puppy! A toller puppy to be exact. Their previous litter's pictures can be found here: http://pets.webshots.com/album/562978786jUIuTR

Who could resist? They're SO ADORABLE! Torque is the puppy they kept (well, Brody has Torque, but Remi lives with him too).


I want to show!

There's a UKC trial coming up, but Buzz's sit stay is broken and I'm not at home to fix it. I can't enter him in Open with a broken sit stay.

I'm trying to enter agility trials where they can both play, which means NADAC and there's been a decrease in those due to an increase in CPE trials. No NADAC locally until the MMBC New Year's trial and I LOVE that trial, so I guess I can wait!

The above causes in addition to me needing to spend money on their health care instead of trial entries results in no trials until MMBC's NADAC.

So I'm content to "set goals" that could possibly be achieved by the end of the year (in two days of trialing).
WV-N (and thus his Novice Versatility)




When I was home on Saturday and Sunday I attacked the dogs feetsies! They were SO HAIRY! I forgot how fast (a month) the hair on their feet grow when I'm not there to do weekly trimming. Not to mention they both had talons and that's absolutely disgusting. When I left on Sunday they had super short hair on their feet and shorter nails. Mom had given them baths before I got home so now they're good to go for another couple of weeks I guess, hah!

I miss grooming them, it's so much easier to do a little at a time than try to cram it all into an hour!

Our new neighbors are on my good list already. They have a fence, and know what leashes are! I like them!

Oh, and Purdue application is being submitted as soon as I can get my personal statement to the writing center.