ARCH Countdown

Since I'd rather be working with my dogs than here at school doing this thing so called studying... I figured I may as well figure out what else Buzz needs for his ARCH.

So far he has his RL1 & RL2 as well as 27 points from RL1B. We need 100 points total and they're divided by needing at least 30 from RL1B and 30 from RL2B. We also need 5 double qualifying scores in RL1B and RL2B. We don't have any of those yet as he has yet to show in RL2B.

The MMBC APDT trial is in Jan/Feb this year and I'm so excited. I don't want to be greedy, but I think it would be possible for Buzz to get very close to his ARCH. I think he could manage 4 runs on Saturday and possibly 3 on Sunday. I would enter him in RL1B and RL2B twice on Saturday. Sunday would be RL1B, RL2B, and RL3A-one run each. That means we could possibly earn 3 QQs needed, as well as start on his RL3 title!

Now, I just need to actually work my dog... and wait patiently for the MMBC APDT trial!

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