Bailey's Thyroid

Recheck says she's right in the middle, where she should be. We're going to continue with the Thyroxine. Next recheck isn't for a couple of months now.

YAY! I really hope this helps my little girly boo dog. No creature deserves to feel like she has been.


Lauren said...

Woot on the test coming back normal!

I hope she feels better soon :(

texsun said...

Hey Megan,

How much does a Thyroid test cost? Can your regular vet just draw the blood?

Meg said...

Thanks Lauren... I'm really crossing my fingers it helps her.

Bethany- Sending to Marshfield (the lab my vet typically uses) was around $45 with the blood draw for her recheck. It was close to $90 going to MSU for the initial. As long as your vet knows how to pack and ship blood, you shouldn't have to pay any extra charges.