PetEdge order arrival

The PetEdge packages were there when I arrived on Friday. That made me very happy!

The Slumber Pet Deluxe Plush Crate Beds (http://homeandkennel.petedge.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=52983) are a big hit. The bolsters are REALLY thick and met with the approval of both dogs. I thought they were very soft, and felt pretty well made too.

The bed I ordered was also definitely worth the money! Buzz adores it. It's supportive, comfortable, and who knows what else. He definitely gives the Slumber Pet Therapeutic Memory Foam Bed (http://www.petedge.com/Slumber-Pet-Therapeutic-Memory-Foam-Beds-ZW276.pro) two paws up! I'm not sure he'll be sharing with Bailey anytime soon, so another one may have to be ordered this winter. Since things in our house get dirty, FAST, I tried to be proactive and put the actual bed (under the cover) in a plastic contractor bag. I put the cover back on over it, and wrapped a sheet around it. I'm really hoping I don't ever need to wash the cover, but in case I need to, now the whole bed won't be ruined.

My favorite part of the whole order was my NEW BLADE! I've been a bad groomer, but with my new sharp blade! OOOOH! I forgot what a brand new blade is LIKE! And realized that even my 7F needs to be sharpened. Buzz got a feet/face/tail/neck trim and looks really good. No clipper lines, no missed hair... it's nice to use a quality blade again!

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