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Vet Visit

Maybe we're done for a while now?! Hopefully!

4DX for each dog
Bordetella (they're boarding in April and May)
Rabies for Buzz

I love being there, and I'm doing my last hours for quite a while on Saturday. I'm very sad I won't be seeing everyone frequently.


The Website

is being a PIMA... I'm working to figure out why the pictures aren't showing. Hopefully I'll figure it out soon! ARG! Is it my host? Some are photobucket hosted, most are flickr... it doesn't seem to make a difference.


I've been waiting to share this (unexciting) news for a while because I still haven't gotten him BAER tested, and likely won't until summer, but I think Buzz is deaf. There were a few insignificant events that left me wondering for a couple of months now, but some experiences at the trial as well as at home have nearly cemented it in my mind. If he is indeed deaf, that means no AKC tracking tests for us, and I need to look into the rules for UKC. Thankfully NADAC does not discriminate so regardless, we can continue to play our beloved game of agility.

Not that it bothers me in the least that he's likely deaf (or nearly deaf). I just dislike the fact that it takes away our chance of doing AKC tracking and I don't know of other tracking venues locally. UKC was looking into it but their's will be more like Schutzhund I heard. ASCA tracking isn't really around, but I guess I will look into it further.

I ran the trial this weekend using very few words and he was exceptionally responsive. I don't need my voice to run him in agility or obedience, and he should be working ahead of me on his own in tracking anyways. The only change I really have to make is finding another marker (since he obviously can't hear the clicker), a laser has been suggested to me.

We'll find out for sure in a couple of months, and I'm off to check on the UKC rules now. I'm going to assume APDT doesn't care since they are an inclusive venue to begin with.

ETA: We can continue to compete in UKC! :>)


Buzz's Chiropractor Visit

His pelvis was out of whack, left side specifically. She warned me about him being extra sleepy for a couple of days after the adjustment, but sheesh. He's a dork boy who fell asleep learning on a chair leg, comfortable, eh there old man? No agility this week as he's not supposed to do anything strenuous for about four days.

I did entries for the April 18th ACTS NADAC outdoor trial. Bailey's entered in Reg 1 & 2, Chances, and Jumpers. Buzz is just in jumpers. Should be fun!


a road traveled with my best friend

Buzz is a piece of me. This dog means the world to me. He is my partner in crime and my snuggle buddy at night. He takes life as it comes and rarely questions what I ask of him (that does NOT go for other people asking--you can ask my mother). He's a good boy who has taught me so much. This weekend we reached a milestone I thought we'd never achieve. We didn't get a NATCH, or even an elite title. Instead we got a much desired Qualifying run in Novice Weavers that was the completion of our Novice Versatility. I told him after he took a flying leap off of the teeter at class recently that he is NOT The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (get younger as you get older). Apparently he disagrees. He was feeling fine this weekend and ran amazingly well for me. At nearly eleven years old, he is playing a game we began playing nine years ago. We had a rough beginning but after some amazing guidance, we have achieved a goal I never thought possible. His first qualifying runs were in Jumpers and Tunnelers... WAY back on July 8, 2006. We didn't enter weavers until March 16, 2008 where he promptly showed me he was more than capable of being successful in the class. Listen to your dog right? (Don't forget to train your dog too!)

From his first title on 7/7/07 (lucky much?) to now, I've learned so much about him as a dog, me as a handler, agility in general, and life. Most of it is still in the gibberish stage but from what I have sorted through... live, love, laugh, learn, and remember what the founders of Life Is Good tell us "Do what you like, like what you do."

Thank you Annelise, for believing is us.

*insert biggest smile ever*

WE DID IT! I feel like we got a NATCH, but nope... just a WV-N which completed Buzz's Novice Versatility! It wasn't the smoothest run ever but we DID IT! Good good good good good boy! I have a surprise coming that I'll share, when it gets here! It wasn't smooth, so I figured we had no chance of qualifying... didn't check the book, didn't check with the trial secretary even though I brought the sheet up. I finally went to check to see how poorly we actually did and found out we'd qualified!!!!! Nice way to find out huh? Anyways, GOOD BOY! That was his second run of the day.

First up was Tunnelers. Both dogs were entered, Buzz in Novice, Bailey in Open. They were both VERY good dogs. Smooth runs, quite a bit under time. Bailey got her first Open Q with a second place! There was definitely (English Springer) Spaniel Power this weekend. In addition to my two we had Jester, Copper, Kenna, and Sadie!

Buzz's jumpers run was so smooth and beautiful. It felt fabulous! Qualifying and 1st place!

Buzz went 3/3 (with a first place) and Bailey went 1/1 (with a second place).

UCD Buzz RL2 NAC NCC O-NJC O-TN-N TG-N WV-N RN, Novice Versatility!!!


Kitty Cat

Everyone can be healthy for at least six months now! Baby went to the vet today for a thyroid check, and also because she'd created three sores from licking. It's likely an infection, so she was given an antibiotic injection that is supposed to last 10-14 days. We'll know if it's working or not in about five days, and we should have the results of her thyroid blood work on Friday.

I'm telling all of my animals to stay healthy! We don't need to see the vet monthly, as much as I love the people there... they can all remain healthy for a while now! I can handle the routine stuff... I don't like unexpected.



We get to trial VERY soon! ONE week! I might explode trying to wait!

I'm so excited!

We haven't shown since AUGUST!


Both dogs did two tracks today. Buzz is slowly getting the hang of this tracking thing and starting to get longer tracks. Bailey tracked like a maniac and I can't wait to get out regularly with her again.

Muddy dogs needed baths but muddy dogs are tired and happy. Good dogs. Tracking is FUN!


Oh Buzz!

Agility last night was frightening. My dog was speedy and confident and took a flying leap off the teeter! Yes, my Buzz had a fly off and came up with a mouthful of dirt and limping. My old man is not afraid of the teeter. I was walking him around the arena to see how he was moving and he tried to weave (stopped that one) and promptly did the teeter (with MUCH less speed, but no less enthusiasm). I then leashed my dog to continue walking him around. We walked and walked and walked. I'm very pleased to say he "walked it off" and is fine this morning. We still need to visit the chiropractor though, so I'm trying to see if we can get in next Tuesday.

We decided no more teeter--he won't see one in a trial ever because he only does NADAC, so there's no use in the chance of this happening again. Silly old man loves his contacts but he can't be trying to kill himself with his joyful, new found enthusiasm and energy.

Now that I know he's okay I'm calling him a dork. Scared me for a while though last night.




Funny how this makes me think of summer and happiness huh?

breakfast turkey


Stimulus Control

Until I actually saw Kristen teaching stimulus control, I had no idea what the heck she was talking about. Now I understand and it's a marvelous thing! It... wow... helped me put quite a few behaviors on cue that I'd never been able to before.

Stimulus Control=Amazing. Must try to get video of it.