a road traveled with my best friend

Buzz is a piece of me. This dog means the world to me. He is my partner in crime and my snuggle buddy at night. He takes life as it comes and rarely questions what I ask of him (that does NOT go for other people asking--you can ask my mother). He's a good boy who has taught me so much. This weekend we reached a milestone I thought we'd never achieve. We didn't get a NATCH, or even an elite title. Instead we got a much desired Qualifying run in Novice Weavers that was the completion of our Novice Versatility. I told him after he took a flying leap off of the teeter at class recently that he is NOT The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (get younger as you get older). Apparently he disagrees. He was feeling fine this weekend and ran amazingly well for me. At nearly eleven years old, he is playing a game we began playing nine years ago. We had a rough beginning but after some amazing guidance, we have achieved a goal I never thought possible. His first qualifying runs were in Jumpers and Tunnelers... WAY back on July 8, 2006. We didn't enter weavers until March 16, 2008 where he promptly showed me he was more than capable of being successful in the class. Listen to your dog right? (Don't forget to train your dog too!)

From his first title on 7/7/07 (lucky much?) to now, I've learned so much about him as a dog, me as a handler, agility in general, and life. Most of it is still in the gibberish stage but from what I have sorted through... live, love, laugh, learn, and remember what the founders of Life Is Good tell us "Do what you like, like what you do."

Thank you Annelise, for believing is us.


MericoX said...

Congrats Buzz!! Are you gonna spill what the surprise is yet?

Megan said...

I will share it when it gets here... I just proofed it, so that should give you some clue haha.