Oh Buzz!

Agility last night was frightening. My dog was speedy and confident and took a flying leap off the teeter! Yes, my Buzz had a fly off and came up with a mouthful of dirt and limping. My old man is not afraid of the teeter. I was walking him around the arena to see how he was moving and he tried to weave (stopped that one) and promptly did the teeter (with MUCH less speed, but no less enthusiasm). I then leashed my dog to continue walking him around. We walked and walked and walked. I'm very pleased to say he "walked it off" and is fine this morning. We still need to visit the chiropractor though, so I'm trying to see if we can get in next Tuesday.

We decided no more teeter--he won't see one in a trial ever because he only does NADAC, so there's no use in the chance of this happening again. Silly old man loves his contacts but he can't be trying to kill himself with his joyful, new found enthusiasm and energy.

Now that I know he's okay I'm calling him a dork. Scared me for a while though last night.


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