*insert biggest smile ever*

WE DID IT! I feel like we got a NATCH, but nope... just a WV-N which completed Buzz's Novice Versatility! It wasn't the smoothest run ever but we DID IT! Good good good good good boy! I have a surprise coming that I'll share, when it gets here! It wasn't smooth, so I figured we had no chance of qualifying... didn't check the book, didn't check with the trial secretary even though I brought the sheet up. I finally went to check to see how poorly we actually did and found out we'd qualified!!!!! Nice way to find out huh? Anyways, GOOD BOY! That was his second run of the day.

First up was Tunnelers. Both dogs were entered, Buzz in Novice, Bailey in Open. They were both VERY good dogs. Smooth runs, quite a bit under time. Bailey got her first Open Q with a second place! There was definitely (English Springer) Spaniel Power this weekend. In addition to my two we had Jester, Copper, Kenna, and Sadie!

Buzz's jumpers run was so smooth and beautiful. It felt fabulous! Qualifying and 1st place!

Buzz went 3/3 (with a first place) and Bailey went 1/1 (with a second place).

UCD Buzz RL2 NAC NCC O-NJC O-TN-N TG-N WV-N RN, Novice Versatility!!!

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