Agility Class #2

It went SO well tonight. I handled confidently, and my handling paths were good for my dog and I. It was one of those really good nights.

A few highlights:

  • 2 very nice running a-frame contacts in the same sequence!
  • I accidently sent him over a 20" jump (normally jumps 12") and he cleared it with ease!
  • 2 complete sets of 12 weaves completed without trouble!
  • Focused during his agility runs and did his job, forgetting about the intact boys he was sure needed his attention when not running. For some reason Vegas and Henry both got his attention a lot tonight. They certainly weren't provoking him, but he was mighty interested in them.

I also laid Buzz's first track today. I figured now is as good of a time as any to lay a foundation for it. He thought that eating food off the ground and not being told to stop was amazing... heh. It was just a short track, but he was good and had fun!

Tomorrow Bailey and I have tracking class. Last week Sheila told us we'd be doing a left and a right turn on the same track. We'll see how that goes! She had one stellar day of tracks. All three I laid were executed VERY nicely. Today's tracks were mediocre at best. I need to take notes and keep a better tracking journal.


new friend

Luna came over to play today. She and Buzz had a lot of fun! Luna is supposedly a BC, but I see BC x Aussie... the jury's still out as to what she really is, other than cute!

Silly puppies!

Check out those feet! She's quite talented!



There are more but I need to resize the rest and sort through them.



*overly-dramatic boy-related content follows... reader has now been forewarned*

This boy has a name, but I'm chosing to leave it out. It's not important right now, and anyone who I keep in close contact with will know who he is. Otherwise it's just a random name that's no better than the term 'boy' in place of his name.

On May 22, 2008 at 10:33PM I said "good bye" to one of my best friends. No, he didn't die but we finally came to a decision together that we've grown in vastly different directions and it was harming both of us to keep trying to shove pieces of a puzzle together that just don't quite fit. It was the end of "us" and any kind of relationship we once had. We agreed that the majority of these last four and a half years were really good times. I have no regrets. The circumstances leading up to this decision are too numerous to retell, but there is certainly a great deal of saddness. There is also a new beginning.

It was probably the oddest end to a relationship I've ever encountered. The conversation had many twists and turns with very little anger. I learned a lot of things about him and myself that I'd never known before, all in a matter of a few hours. The end of the conversation was near but neither was ready to say good-bye. I started to 'count down' in a half-joking manner but after I said "ok, since neither of us is ready to let go completely" I was interrupted with a "if you ever need anything, you have my number" which made all the flood gates burst open. I did manage to finish what I wanted to say with a "1, 2, 3... good-bye" which really gave more closure than I expected.

As sad as I am right now, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I went to Duluth today to get the rest of my stuff from the townhouse we once shared (with my dogs!). After it was all loaded (or I thought it was all loaded, just got a text about clothes still there) he even took me for a ride on his new motorcycle. I absolutely ADORE motorcycles, and his is a SPORT bike! I haven't ridden a sport bike since a while before my dad died. I forgot how scary fun it is.

I really don't like laying my life our for anyone to see, but I feel like this is a milestone in my life that has taken a few months to get to. Life is a never ending roller coaster, but I've felt like I'm going in circles for so long that it's nice to see straight ahead.

*end of overly-dramatic boy-related rant*


picture update

Rascal boy


Buzz weaving!

Too dang cute!

Bailey dog chomping on something

Agility AND Tracking!

Buzz and I had our first agility class last night since last August. It was so fun to see everyone again! I got to meet Echo (a friend's pem puppy) and hold her. She's absolutely cute and full of herself... just perfect for a puppy.

Buzz ran three GREAT sequences for me. I was so pleased with his enthusiasm and drive and WEAVES! This is the first time he's seen twelve in a LONG time, and while he didn't get all twelve, it was very close. We're still working on building muscle memory as well as endurance. I know we'll get there!

I'm so glad he's still happy and willing to play games with me.

Bailey and I have tracking tonight. It should be a good class. I got a few pointers from Piper and Echo's mom last night so I'll try those out and Bailey always seems to do better at class then at home too. It's probably the difference in smells/person laying the track.

Talked to mom today too and hopefully we'll be going to Duluth for the DKC show on July 13. I'm crossing my fingers that Bailey continues to be healthy and not limping and we can run at the MAC AKC trial on the 12 then head up to Duluth Saturday night for rally and obedience on Sunday. The plan is for STD, JWW, and FAST agility on Saturday at SoccerBlast and then Excellent B, Advanced B, and Open A for rally abd obedience at the DECC.

It's fun to be addicted to all sorts of dog activities! If we can add hunting sometime (maybe next summer) then I think I'll finally be doing all dog sports I've ever wanted to do (and there will always be more to add).


tracking class #2

Our second tracking class was tonight. I went early so I could work her heeling with distractions and work Buzz. She was good, still takes her a while to focus on what we're doing, but it is improving.

Buzz had a really good stay, wanted to check everything out but kept his butt planted. I also got about ten steps with direct eye contact right from the first step off. Lots of improvements!

Tracking class-
first track was good, didn't stop for food drops, nice find
second track was even better... and I was good about letting her find the track again herself
third track we introduced a corner-triple laid and she NAILED IT! Super exciting!
fourth track was too much and had to help her along... should have stopped after #3

Tracking Is Fun!


tracking, foot targets, and weaving

Bailey has been working on foot targeting (for go-out, utility work) and tracking. Today I finally got a REAL foot target on the ground. I was very, very excited. I need to watch more closely, but I think I'm also getting a nose target with it... hah. I was able to back away slowly and she kept returning to the target on the ground and it's nice that I can hear when she hits it. Helps me a lot because it's hard to see her going out there so fast!

I'm thrilled that she's enjoying tracking so much! Yesterday I recruited my brother to lay a track. Sent him to drop the first article then walk fifteen steps in a line, drop the second article and retrace his steps (a double laid track). Since we've been working on article indication more than actual tracking, I didn't put food on either article. She missed the scent the first time (but I got a down indication on the start article, so that was super cool and rewarded that from my pocket), so we restarted and she nailed it the second time. She actually pulled me from behind to the end article. Lots of treats for that, it was so cool to see her work (and skip over the food drops on the track... heh).

Buzz is learning how to weave. I know, sounds silly but he hasn't ever had consistent practice. He CAN weave, but not confidently or fast. I started last Friday and he's been weaving for his breakfast and dinner every day now. The weaves are still slow but today he got his entry and stayed in both times for his breakfast today. Very cool! I'm hoping by mid june he'll be more confident and have more speed, but we'll see. I need to remember to ONLY do two and if he pops out, remove poles so he can succeed and still end there. I really have a tendency to ask too much of him all at once. I forget WHY we're doing remedial pole work... heh, need to keep sessions short and the rate of reinforcement HIGH!

Off to look for more jobs today!


Lots of stuff!

Cindy Hickey visit went really well. I was pleased with our visit. Current speculation is a carpal problem. As soon as I start my new job (hopefully soon!), Bailey will be going in for carpal xrays. She had a very long and intensive massage. She was a VERY good dog for it too!

I have a whole slew of stuff to do with her, starting Sunday. She's been moving well still, not very stiff at all, which makes me happy.

I was a 'good trainer' today and worked Buzz on weaves with a target (trying to get his focus in the weaves and not on me... so target at the end... it seems to be working so far) and he was a good boy! He was also working on his long sit maintain while I was setting the weaves up and he was excellent then too!

Bailey-boo dog ran two tracks (I swear, she's understanding it more and more each time we track... so fun to see her work). We also worked on article indication and it developed into her laying ON the object and facing me... we'll see how well that actually works. I also did some go-out/away work for Utility.

Note to self from GP/KV- FOOT TARGET! hehe

Picked Jeremy up from the airport today, I've missed that boy a LOT. So much fun to chat again. I'm excited he's home for the summer, even though not really because he'll be at camp, pfft! AND, he'll be in CHINA next fall! Super cool for him though, great opportunity!


I'm FREE (plus tracking)

I'm FREE! School is DONE until next fall! WAHOO!

Just gotta wait on grades... heh.

We made it to tracking tonight (with a few minutes to spare even) and it was SO much fun! She was a very good girlie and really seemed to enjoy it! We have some homework to do, that I plan on being serious about.

Try to do 2 tracks on each outing and take her out twice a day. 15-20 yards with a flag and start article, shuffle track, food drops about every 3 feet, jackpot at the end article. It was so fun to see her THRILLED to work! I'd like to start Buzz too, since I have an idea of what we're doing at least.

Definitely gonna try it with Buzz at the park on Friday!

Tracking is going to be a blast and I can't wait for next week already!



What do I have left to do to complete my junior year of college?
  1. Parent Letter (halfish done)
  2. Women and Religion final (1/3 done)
  3. Middle School Philosophies and Models final project and study for final test (erm, sorta started!)
  4. Portfolio evidence statement for the above MSPM class
  5. Clean more bottles for Art tomorrow
  6. Finish lesson plan for art tomorrow
  7. Finish packing car (85% done)

Then it's HOME time! I'll get home, take stuff out of backseat, pack dog (with harness, collar, leash, water, treats, bowl, anything else I see and grab) and head to Total Recall for our FIRST tracking lesson!

Thursday the same girly dog and I head out to Pine City for her massage therapy appointment with Cindy Hickey.


I REALLY didn't forget!

My best buddy in the whole world turned TEN yesterday. Double digits baby!

He is formally known as, UCD Sir Buzz Domino NAC NJC TN-N TG-N RN RL1 CGC

I can't believe we've made it as far as we have... it's been a wonderful journey, and I don't anticipate it stopping any time soon. In celebration of his birthday, we have weekend plans for a whole day at the park. He should enjoy that, and it'll just be the two of us!

Happy Birthday Buzzy boy! I'll get some updated pictures when I go home but for now this will have to do-

From a little tyke (gotta click... it's a big 'image')

a few pictures from throughout the years-




And the most recent picture I have of the boy, with his all-time favorite toy!


News from the vet!

Bailey's anaplasmosis titer and her bloodwork showed her body is doing just fine with the anaplasmosis and the vet opted not to treat with antibiotics! That's good news! Her body CAN do something right!

Dr. Enochs was happy with the bloodwork of both dogs, so that really is a relief.

I'm almost done with school! YAY! We're hoping to start tracking next Wednesday (gonna be a busy day but so worth it) and then Bailey has her appointment on Thursday morning.

I'm not quite sure when agility will start yet.