Agility AND Tracking!

Buzz and I had our first agility class last night since last August. It was so fun to see everyone again! I got to meet Echo (a friend's pem puppy) and hold her. She's absolutely cute and full of herself... just perfect for a puppy.

Buzz ran three GREAT sequences for me. I was so pleased with his enthusiasm and drive and WEAVES! This is the first time he's seen twelve in a LONG time, and while he didn't get all twelve, it was very close. We're still working on building muscle memory as well as endurance. I know we'll get there!

I'm so glad he's still happy and willing to play games with me.

Bailey and I have tracking tonight. It should be a good class. I got a few pointers from Piper and Echo's mom last night so I'll try those out and Bailey always seems to do better at class then at home too. It's probably the difference in smells/person laying the track.

Talked to mom today too and hopefully we'll be going to Duluth for the DKC show on July 13. I'm crossing my fingers that Bailey continues to be healthy and not limping and we can run at the MAC AKC trial on the 12 then head up to Duluth Saturday night for rally and obedience on Sunday. The plan is for STD, JWW, and FAST agility on Saturday at SoccerBlast and then Excellent B, Advanced B, and Open A for rally abd obedience at the DECC.

It's fun to be addicted to all sorts of dog activities! If we can add hunting sometime (maybe next summer) then I think I'll finally be doing all dog sports I've ever wanted to do (and there will always be more to add).

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