Lots of stuff!

Cindy Hickey visit went really well. I was pleased with our visit. Current speculation is a carpal problem. As soon as I start my new job (hopefully soon!), Bailey will be going in for carpal xrays. She had a very long and intensive massage. She was a VERY good dog for it too!

I have a whole slew of stuff to do with her, starting Sunday. She's been moving well still, not very stiff at all, which makes me happy.

I was a 'good trainer' today and worked Buzz on weaves with a target (trying to get his focus in the weaves and not on me... so target at the end... it seems to be working so far) and he was a good boy! He was also working on his long sit maintain while I was setting the weaves up and he was excellent then too!

Bailey-boo dog ran two tracks (I swear, she's understanding it more and more each time we track... so fun to see her work). We also worked on article indication and it developed into her laying ON the object and facing me... we'll see how well that actually works. I also did some go-out/away work for Utility.

Note to self from GP/KV- FOOT TARGET! hehe

Picked Jeremy up from the airport today, I've missed that boy a LOT. So much fun to chat again. I'm excited he's home for the summer, even though not really because he'll be at camp, pfft! AND, he'll be in CHINA next fall! Super cool for him though, great opportunity!

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