What do I have left to do to complete my junior year of college?
  1. Parent Letter (halfish done)
  2. Women and Religion final (1/3 done)
  3. Middle School Philosophies and Models final project and study for final test (erm, sorta started!)
  4. Portfolio evidence statement for the above MSPM class
  5. Clean more bottles for Art tomorrow
  6. Finish lesson plan for art tomorrow
  7. Finish packing car (85% done)

Then it's HOME time! I'll get home, take stuff out of backseat, pack dog (with harness, collar, leash, water, treats, bowl, anything else I see and grab) and head to Total Recall for our FIRST tracking lesson!

Thursday the same girly dog and I head out to Pine City for her massage therapy appointment with Cindy Hickey.

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