tracking, foot targets, and weaving

Bailey has been working on foot targeting (for go-out, utility work) and tracking. Today I finally got a REAL foot target on the ground. I was very, very excited. I need to watch more closely, but I think I'm also getting a nose target with it... hah. I was able to back away slowly and she kept returning to the target on the ground and it's nice that I can hear when she hits it. Helps me a lot because it's hard to see her going out there so fast!

I'm thrilled that she's enjoying tracking so much! Yesterday I recruited my brother to lay a track. Sent him to drop the first article then walk fifteen steps in a line, drop the second article and retrace his steps (a double laid track). Since we've been working on article indication more than actual tracking, I didn't put food on either article. She missed the scent the first time (but I got a down indication on the start article, so that was super cool and rewarded that from my pocket), so we restarted and she nailed it the second time. She actually pulled me from behind to the end article. Lots of treats for that, it was so cool to see her work (and skip over the food drops on the track... heh).

Buzz is learning how to weave. I know, sounds silly but he hasn't ever had consistent practice. He CAN weave, but not confidently or fast. I started last Friday and he's been weaving for his breakfast and dinner every day now. The weaves are still slow but today he got his entry and stayed in both times for his breakfast today. Very cool! I'm hoping by mid june he'll be more confident and have more speed, but we'll see. I need to remember to ONLY do two and if he pops out, remove poles so he can succeed and still end there. I really have a tendency to ask too much of him all at once. I forget WHY we're doing remedial pole work... heh, need to keep sessions short and the rate of reinforcement HIGH!

Off to look for more jobs today!

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