Tracking pictures!

Can you find us in the field?
Sheila (instructor), Nan (judge), Me, Bailey, Becky (judge)
Soon after getting our pretty green ribbon!


Bailey VCD1!!!

Today we tracked. We drew number one to get INTO the test (14 entrants, only 4 TD slots) and we drew track #1 today. We started at 8:45 and finished the 450 yard track at 8:49. We were flying. She was absolutely wonderful. Friends took pictures that I'll share later.

Overall it was a stellar day too. All 4 TDs passed and 3/4 TDX dogs passed! Perfect tracking conditions.

Now we prepare for TDX in the spring!


Buzz feels GOOD!

I'd have to go and check, but Buzz hasn't felt very good since about May. We've tried a variety of things to help him out and his spondylosis was just being stubbornly painful. Things would work for a while and then not work. We are going on day FIVE of him feeling REALLY good (but not over the top good like Previcox made him feel). He had his first acupuncture treatment a week ago Tuesday and his second was on this Wednesday.

Monday he willingly stood up on his rear legs and tried to steal food. I was not mad at all, quite happy in fact. The spondylosis has affected his whole rear end. He lost a lot of muscle mass and he couldn't extend his rear past about his tail. Standing on his hind legs DEFINITELY extends his rear legs past his tail. I was worried about the impact of him dropping his front down to the floor, but he didn't seem to notice!

Wednesday after his appointment, we went for a short hike in the park. I noticed he is moving very close in the rear, which is unlike him. It is likely due to the lack of muscle, so I've gotta call my vet and see if there's anything we can do to help strengthen the muscles correctly. I'm thinking he'll recommend the water treadmill. Ugh, another trip to the cities each week! Anyway. At the park he seemed to be stretching out his legs and back a lot. His relaxed stance returned to a stack. A fully stretched out stack.

My friends are looking at me like I've just lost it because I'm jumping around when I see he's holding that position. He didn't just end up in it, it WAS relaxing and felt good!

I just hope, hope, hope, hope that acupuncture continues to work. It really made me so very sad that I wasn't able to help him, despite the things we were doing. I'm supposed to call Dr. E on Monday and we'll decide when he needs to go in again.

Today though, I think we'll go for a walk that doesn't require so much stepping up on things. His rear still isn't very strong, so he was using his front to pull himself up way too much!



No, neither dog is porky, in fact they're both at a pretty darn good weight... especially going into winter.

I've been lax about getting them a variety of raw meats to eat, and they've been eating quite a bit more kibble than I'd like. Today I found pork for $1.15/pound and got two roasts. The boy kitties have some drummies to munch on and the dogs get chicken quarters. I've got a roast in the fridge for dinner tomorrow.

Bailey's teeth are extra nasty (ok, so they're good compared to "most" dogs, but my dogs are not "most" dogs) so I even repackaged everything. NO excuses for me to NOT be feeding more raw.

I'd like to get them both back on all raw, and I will, once I secure a "real" job!

For now though, they'll enjoy some pork tomorrow.


Catch Up!

Buzz had his first acupuncture appointment yesterday. He wasn't too fond of the needles at first, and especially on the left side of his back, but there were definitely no lasting ill effects. We go again next week, for a charged experience.

The Zeel seems to be working. We got a sample of Previcox and it worked TOO well. He felt too good and I was afraid he'd injure himself.

Bailey came with last night too and her sutures look good now. She was coned for a few days and I applied Vaseline liberally to help the skin out as well as gave her 1/2 tab of Traumeel 3 times/day. She only had one dose of Traumeel yesterday and will likely only have one today. The swelling has gone down significantly. I forgot to ask when he wants to take them out so I don't know if we'll go back on Friday or wait until Tuesday. Regardless, she was happy to have a little bit of an extended walk this morning. She's going to be crazy when given the all clear to RUN... I'd better set aside a couple hours for her!

I'm trying to work on a photo holiday card, but am having trouble designing a template. I may just suck it up and buy one, but we'll see.

Buzz has been working on his heeling and sits a lot lately. I'm shooting for three sessions/day. Sit stays have been our nemesis for years and that has been amplified since his deafness it seems. If he loses concentration and looks away while I'm walking away or facing him, as soon as he looks back he'll RUN in, afraid he missed a signal. We're working at a shorter distance and less duration to build up his focus. He seems fairly settled if I'm out of sight, which is a GOOD thing.

I'm still going to my vet's to volunteer on Tuesdays and it's still a blast. I learn so much and it's just a day for me to fill my brain with nerdiness, I love it!