No, neither dog is porky, in fact they're both at a pretty darn good weight... especially going into winter.

I've been lax about getting them a variety of raw meats to eat, and they've been eating quite a bit more kibble than I'd like. Today I found pork for $1.15/pound and got two roasts. The boy kitties have some drummies to munch on and the dogs get chicken quarters. I've got a roast in the fridge for dinner tomorrow.

Bailey's teeth are extra nasty (ok, so they're good compared to "most" dogs, but my dogs are not "most" dogs) so I even repackaged everything. NO excuses for me to NOT be feeding more raw.

I'd like to get them both back on all raw, and I will, once I secure a "real" job!

For now though, they'll enjoy some pork tomorrow.

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