Friday I turned in my gimongo paper for Women and Religion (ok, so it was only eight pages but *whine* I rarely have to write more than three).

Dogs had vet appointments at 4pm.
Cindy Hickey recommended we do a 4DX test on Bailey to see if any of those nasty diseases could be causing her lameness (lymes, anaplasmosis, erlichiosis, or heartworm). Guess what? She has anaplasmosis. Erg. So then they drew more blood and sent it out to be checked further, my brain was on overload at that point and I'm not exactly sure what else they are looking for but we should get results on Tuesday.

Buzz had a heartworm test and a senior blood panel done. We'll see what those results reveal too I guess.

When I actually have money again, Buzz needs a thyroid panel too... hopefully sometime this summer. They'll send it to MSU for me too, so yay!

Saturday I was at the tracking test bright and early with absolutely no knowledge of what happens at a tracking test. It was so much FUN though, despite the mini hail/rain/snow storm. I got to use the purple flags. We plotted tracks and I walked mine again to make sure I knew it. Redrew my map too. I am quite proud of my second map, for it being my first tracking experience ever... hah!

Sunday (today) was THE best! Tracking is SO amazingly COOL to watch!
  • First up was a Bloodhound named Ava. She worked the track really well and PASSED! YAY!
  • Second up was a Lakeland Terrier named Amanda. She got off her track a few times but never more than 50 yards and got back on every time. Second pass of the day!
  • Third was a GSD, as he ran I was laying my track and picking up flags so I didn't get to watch it but the GSD passed too! 3/3 was a great way to start the day.
  • Fourth was another Bloodhound who sadly didn't pass, but did finish after being put back on the track.
  • Fifth was my track. I got a German Wirehair... very fit and pretty dog. She was amazing to watch! Her indication at the end was very cool (laying down) and we all clapped, she was fast and efficient and great!
  • Sixth was a Tibbie who was doing SO well, made it to the last turn and couldn't find it... after being whistled and put back on the track he found the glove though.
  • Seventh (and last of the day) was a Bassett Hound. HUGE dog, very happy, funny. He was breathtaking (I'm sure his handler was breathless) until he got to his LAST corner, and being on top of a hill, he couldn't find it. They did get within about 20 yards of the glove, but upwind from it and it was SO close. He was so excited to GO and so 'on' the track in the beginning.

I love tracking! I can't wait to start classes now!


School Book Excerpts

I'm constantly amazed at what you can actually find in a school book if you look hard enough! Just last week I found "a healed earth is one in which all the patterns of destruction… have been deeply transformed, the patterns that are resulting in proliferating population, deepening poverty, famine, soil erosion, deforestation, the extinction of species, air and water pollution, energy crises, and militarism” (Bagley and McIntosh, 234). That's from one of my Women and Religion books, the one I actually read consistently!

Another is from Art Methods today, "Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much" by Helen Keller.

Sometimes school isn't so bad. I would never say that anywhere close to finals though (like right now) because there is SO much to do before the end of the semester!



As I'm sure most of my 'dog friends' are well aware, I'm quite obsessed with dog genetics and health. Of course, I know more about ESS in general, but I work on expanding my knowledge to other breeds whenever I have the chance.

Lately I've been contemplating what would be a good set of requirements for an English Springer Spaniel CHIC.

The 'obvious' are:
Hips (OFA, OVC, PennHIP)
Elbows (OFA, OVC)
CERF- at least every two years

From what I've heard, you don't want to make it "too complicated" at first, or no one will desire a CHIC number.

If I had my way... I would also include:
Shoulders (OFA)
Thyroid- after age 3
Cardiac- after age 3

Of course, I feel that all of these should be done prior to breeding. I don't believe dogs should be bred before reaching three years old, which is evident by the age restraint I would place on thyroid and cardiac, if I could have my way of course! :)

And "I know, I know" that running all of these tests would be mighty expensive. If they are spread out over time, it might not seem so bad! :)
  • PRA, PFK, Fucosidosis at a year old (if the PRA status isn't known based on parentage)
  • CERF at 2 years old
  • hips, elbows, shoulders done at 3 years
  • Thyroid and Cardiac done at 3.5-4 years old

Any male dogs I own in the future that come from breeders will be neutered at least after age two and will have hip, elbow, and shoulder xrays taken at the time of neuter and sent to OFA. The "other" stuff I would plan to do as I do now; take advantage of clinics and use them whenever available.

I love the Cardiac and CERF clinics at the TCVESSA August show. Even though I've only utilized them for a year now, I plan to continue into the future. Buzz will have a CERF exam and Cardiac exam this year while Bailey will probably only have a CERF.



I'm looking for some new dog and cat toys. We have a wide variety and plentiful supply of plushie/soft dog toys. They are fun and exciting, but only to a certain extent.

A buster cube is definitely on the list. We had a ball that was similar years ago, but it got left outside and moldy... needless to say it went bye bye.

I did order an Orbee ball, but haven't been home to try it out yet. I'm looking for some rubber toys or interactive toys I guess.

Kitties have some boxes, feathery balls, fake mice, fleece stuff... I'd love to get a kitty kong of sorts, but I don't know what I'm looking for.

Any suggestions?


PupDate, Rascal, and School

The puppers are pretty good. They are really enjoying spring. It means we spend more time outside together. I can't wait to start going to the farm regularily. We have LOTS of fields and trails that are relatively burr-free and it's good exercise for all of us.

Mom said that Bailey isn't limping today. I don't know whether to believe that or not... but we'll see.

I finally emailed K. Elmquist about the massages. We'll see where that leads.

I'm still tossing around the idea of updating Rasza's rabise and FeLV vaccines. He's "due" according to the vet but blarg. They have NO contact with outside cats right now, so I think I may push that until summer time.

We have also switched all of the animals to the vet where we previously only brought the dogs. After Rascal's fiasco this summer, I didn't feel comfortable bringing them back. I don't know what to do about Rascal at all, so I may just call the vet someday or ask at the dogs appointment. That's the only thing that worries me about him is a total change of routine and they have no background knowledge/history on him other than what's on the paperwork I have from last summer.

Now, back to my reguilarly scheduled school. I don't think I've ever been so incredibly calm with so much to do. I've taken the attitude of "I'll do what I can, I will not kill myself over school and work..." Que Cera Cera (what will be, will be). I hope that doesn't come back to bite me in the butt though!

Baby Update II

Vet just called. Good news! The Methimazole is doing it's job, but a little TOO well. hehe

They recommended putting her on 1/2 tablet once a day (instead of twice) and doing a re-check of her thyroid in three months.

VERY good news!

*note to self: schedule the re-check now*



My dog is limping... again. The girly dog was feeling much better and there was no sign of a limp. I thought we could do some relatively low key play outside. Guess not.

After two throws she came up limping. Of course the nutcase still wanted to play so I had to steal her ball and crate her. Put the Rimadyl out and told mom that if she was still limping at dinner time to give her 1/2 Rimadyl for two days and we'll go from there.

I'm trying to get things with the animals taken care of in order of importance. Baby's was urgent, so her vet visits have been scheduled first. As long as the results of her recent bloodwork come back favorable and we don't have to re-check in a couple weeks, Bailey should be able to see CH the second week of May.

Buzz and Bailey go in for heartworm antigen tests April 25 and that's when Buzz'll have his senior blood panel done too.

At least I know I can keep Bailey pain free with meds (NSAIDS, so I'm not all that worried about long term effects with sporadic use) until we can see the massage therapist and chiropractor.


Baby Update

Good news is the vet was pleased with her weight gain (went from 4.8 to 5.3 pounds in just under a month), overall happy demeanor (purring and rubbing up agains the vet just out of her crate), and inquisitiveness (had to investigate everything on the counter, even the alcohol spray bottle).

She is looking and feeling so much better. They drew blood again and she was very good. They had treats for good kitties and she GREATLY enjoyed those!

Today they drew blood to run a mini profile, check her blood count, and a thyroid T4. We should have results on Tuesday. I'm hoping they're favorable and show the Methimazole is doing it's job.

Cheaper bill than I was expecting too! That's always a plus!



I should have the money to do Buzz's hip/elbow xrays at the end of May. If I do decide to do them, I will not be sedating him. It's not worth the risk. We'll just get as clear of a shot as we can of his hips.

I know that he's at an advanced age; and it might not change my agility decisions, but I think it's still a good idea. It will certainly make me feel better.

The reason I'm still on the fence is that I've already decided this will be his last even 'semi-competative' year. As long as he's healthy and wants to keep playing the game we'll be trailing one weekend (both days) in June, July, August, and December. He only does NADAC agility.

We'll see how classes go though. He's signed up for agility starting in May.


the people you meet!

I met two people I worked with at Wild Mountain at a party tonight.

Twas very interesting to say the least! I recognized Derek right away... red hair and all.

I'd seen Dan around school, but had NO idea where I knew him from.

haha, one of those silly 'made me laugh' kinda things



I've almost got my schedule worked out. I'm SO close. Tonight at midnight, it should be all set.

Then I can really breathe!

My schedule next semester is going to be wacky, but it is going to work... and then I WILL graduate in May of 2009!

For tonight though, I have to write an outline for my women and religion research paper (err, should probably read more of my resources for that huh?) and write a reading response for that class too. I'm in the library, that's a start at least!

In other news:
It's beautiful out! I've gone walking two days in a row now. I know, not much... but it's more than nothing.

I worked a lot last week. I should be able to get all the critters to see who they need to see within the next month without money stress, so that is REALLY nice!

Baby has to get her blood work rechecked (April 12).
Buzz needs his senior blood panel, T4, and heartworm antigen test (April 24)
Bailey needs heartworm antigen test (April 24)
Bailey needs to see the good massage lady (hopefully second week of may)

As soon as these papers are done, I'm going to SLEEP... very soundly too!


rant time


So many rants right now. Don't even know where to begin.

School seems like a great place to start. TONS of homework due this week... registering for classes this week; oh yeah, that, registering for classes.

So, went to register for that last class I need to graduate. (Well, I need a few but this is a specialty class I HAVE to take, no alternate accepted.) It's not there. Thinking maybe I'm searching wrong. Nope, it's only offered in the spring.

Not kidding, nope, dead serious.

On my way to talk to lots of people about this. Fuming still (after discovering this last night). Pissed off royally.


The class? Science and Culture... and that wonderful class is taught by the one and only Sr. Margaret Clarke. Goody!