My dog is limping... again. The girly dog was feeling much better and there was no sign of a limp. I thought we could do some relatively low key play outside. Guess not.

After two throws she came up limping. Of course the nutcase still wanted to play so I had to steal her ball and crate her. Put the Rimadyl out and told mom that if she was still limping at dinner time to give her 1/2 Rimadyl for two days and we'll go from there.

I'm trying to get things with the animals taken care of in order of importance. Baby's was urgent, so her vet visits have been scheduled first. As long as the results of her recent bloodwork come back favorable and we don't have to re-check in a couple weeks, Bailey should be able to see CH the second week of May.

Buzz and Bailey go in for heartworm antigen tests April 25 and that's when Buzz'll have his senior blood panel done too.

At least I know I can keep Bailey pain free with meds (NSAIDS, so I'm not all that worried about long term effects with sporadic use) until we can see the massage therapist and chiropractor.

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