Friday I turned in my gimongo paper for Women and Religion (ok, so it was only eight pages but *whine* I rarely have to write more than three).

Dogs had vet appointments at 4pm.
Cindy Hickey recommended we do a 4DX test on Bailey to see if any of those nasty diseases could be causing her lameness (lymes, anaplasmosis, erlichiosis, or heartworm). Guess what? She has anaplasmosis. Erg. So then they drew more blood and sent it out to be checked further, my brain was on overload at that point and I'm not exactly sure what else they are looking for but we should get results on Tuesday.

Buzz had a heartworm test and a senior blood panel done. We'll see what those results reveal too I guess.

When I actually have money again, Buzz needs a thyroid panel too... hopefully sometime this summer. They'll send it to MSU for me too, so yay!

Saturday I was at the tracking test bright and early with absolutely no knowledge of what happens at a tracking test. It was so much FUN though, despite the mini hail/rain/snow storm. I got to use the purple flags. We plotted tracks and I walked mine again to make sure I knew it. Redrew my map too. I am quite proud of my second map, for it being my first tracking experience ever... hah!

Sunday (today) was THE best! Tracking is SO amazingly COOL to watch!
  • First up was a Bloodhound named Ava. She worked the track really well and PASSED! YAY!
  • Second up was a Lakeland Terrier named Amanda. She got off her track a few times but never more than 50 yards and got back on every time. Second pass of the day!
  • Third was a GSD, as he ran I was laying my track and picking up flags so I didn't get to watch it but the GSD passed too! 3/3 was a great way to start the day.
  • Fourth was another Bloodhound who sadly didn't pass, but did finish after being put back on the track.
  • Fifth was my track. I got a German Wirehair... very fit and pretty dog. She was amazing to watch! Her indication at the end was very cool (laying down) and we all clapped, she was fast and efficient and great!
  • Sixth was a Tibbie who was doing SO well, made it to the last turn and couldn't find it... after being whistled and put back on the track he found the glove though.
  • Seventh (and last of the day) was a Bassett Hound. HUGE dog, very happy, funny. He was breathtaking (I'm sure his handler was breathless) until he got to his LAST corner, and being on top of a hill, he couldn't find it. They did get within about 20 yards of the glove, but upwind from it and it was SO close. He was so excited to GO and so 'on' the track in the beginning.

I love tracking! I can't wait to start classes now!

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