PupDate, Rascal, and School

The puppers are pretty good. They are really enjoying spring. It means we spend more time outside together. I can't wait to start going to the farm regularily. We have LOTS of fields and trails that are relatively burr-free and it's good exercise for all of us.

Mom said that Bailey isn't limping today. I don't know whether to believe that or not... but we'll see.

I finally emailed K. Elmquist about the massages. We'll see where that leads.

I'm still tossing around the idea of updating Rasza's rabise and FeLV vaccines. He's "due" according to the vet but blarg. They have NO contact with outside cats right now, so I think I may push that until summer time.

We have also switched all of the animals to the vet where we previously only brought the dogs. After Rascal's fiasco this summer, I didn't feel comfortable bringing them back. I don't know what to do about Rascal at all, so I may just call the vet someday or ask at the dogs appointment. That's the only thing that worries me about him is a total change of routine and they have no background knowledge/history on him other than what's on the paperwork I have from last summer.

Now, back to my reguilarly scheduled school. I don't think I've ever been so incredibly calm with so much to do. I've taken the attitude of "I'll do what I can, I will not kill myself over school and work..." Que Cera Cera (what will be, will be). I hope that doesn't come back to bite me in the butt though!

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