I've almost got my schedule worked out. I'm SO close. Tonight at midnight, it should be all set.

Then I can really breathe!

My schedule next semester is going to be wacky, but it is going to work... and then I WILL graduate in May of 2009!

For tonight though, I have to write an outline for my women and religion research paper (err, should probably read more of my resources for that huh?) and write a reading response for that class too. I'm in the library, that's a start at least!

In other news:
It's beautiful out! I've gone walking two days in a row now. I know, not much... but it's more than nothing.

I worked a lot last week. I should be able to get all the critters to see who they need to see within the next month without money stress, so that is REALLY nice!

Baby has to get her blood work rechecked (April 12).
Buzz needs his senior blood panel, T4, and heartworm antigen test (April 24)
Bailey needs heartworm antigen test (April 24)
Bailey needs to see the good massage lady (hopefully second week of may)

As soon as these papers are done, I'm going to SLEEP... very soundly too!

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