Therapy Dog stuff

Got an email from my mom about possibly using Buzz at Camp Triumph next year. I'd be more than willing, but the issue is he'd need to carry his own insurance, which means Therapy Dogs International Inc, Therapy Dogs Inc, or Delta Society Therapy Dogs.

There's testers in Duluth and St. Paul for Delta Society Therapy Dogs (and I really like that organization more, from what I've read). And there's a test in Minneapolis on March 21, 2009.

I really don't want to do TDI again, but their test is November 30th in North Branch. Their requirements and such just seem (and seemed) crazy to me.

Therapy Dogs, Inc seems to have the best vaccine policy... if only I can find out about testing in my area. I do know someone on SitStay who does ThD stuff, so she could probably tell me.

It's nice to have options. Very nice.

I'd be very happy to use/bring Buzz to Camp Triumph, but not if it's going to endanger his health with extra, unnecessary vaccines.

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texsun said...

I know what you mean. I'm thinking about getting Dickon done. But I don't want to do TDI. Maybe I'll go with Delta.