I haven't been home in a long time (I don't want to count because that would make me sad) so my mom decided the dogs needed baths. Since I wasn't there to do it, she schedule baths at the vet. I hope everything went ok. I wish we had good groomers near home. I'd LOVE it if I could trust someone to actually groom them, since I'm sure it's going to take me hours when I am home on the 21st. They're really easy to do but it's just time consuming. And I'm sure that since Bailey wasn't jacketed after her bath, I'll have to bathe/towel, then strip and scissor her jacket, which I hope I have time for! Ah well, it's a good thing I enjoy grooming. The Buzz man will be easy: feet/face/ears/tail. Easy peasy compared to Ms. Hairy Thang!

I want to work at P&C just for the grooming privileges!

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