Grooming ESS

Even though I do the cheater version... it's much more time consuming than just taking a clippers and shaving them nekkid and less time consuming than a full show coat groom (and I don't even think I could do that... if I had the patience for it).

I strip Buzz's jacket in the winter, but I typically clip him in the spring. Stripping is just fine and dandy when my fingers are used to it. When they're not I can do maybe half a jacket before I need a break. It's not the same as stripping a terrier, as I use a stripping knife and thinning shears but it's the same concept. Regardless of the difference in how I manage their jackets (uhh... the hair on their back is called their jacket, but Bailey also wears a jacket/coat after her bath but it's not like a winter jacket... I need new pictures), they both get the same feet (trim between pads/around toes/dremel nails), face/neck/ears/tail trim. I love it when they're "freshly" groomed. They look so purty. One of these days I will find someone to take pictures of us just goofing around, with them groomed all pretty-like. The worst part really is redrying their belly and leg feathering straight. Mostly because I don't have enough hands. Still mastering the art of holding the dryer on my shoulder with my chin so that I can comb and spray with my hands.

I like my dogs being hairy beasties becauase they look prettyful.

Buzz (only semi-hairy)

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