Came home to hairy dogs, was expecting that. Not a problem at all. Talons for claws... disgusting but, it happens when they're not done for months. What I wasn't expecting is all of my animals being overweight suddenly. GRRRR! I actually agreed with my mom last time I was home that the dogs were both just a little too skinny. Uhh, that means give thema LITTLE more food per meal. Not a whole bunch! Very annoyed. Baby the kitty is finally at a good weight (she needed to gain) but the other two are FAT again, after I worked so hard to get it off of them. ARG! Very, very annoyed.

The good though... this morning, not thinking, I fed the dogs first and that puts Bailey eating food right where I and the cats need to walk to get downstairs so they can eat. NOT A GLANCE in their direction! WOOHOO! GOOD GIRLY! She was SO SO SO good! Eating FOOD as cats walked by. I'm absolutely shocked. Not something I planned on doing but it's nice to know that well, the meds are working! SOMETHING is working! YIPPY!

I still need to bathe/towel but I may cheat again. Spray her down, towel her and then I can strip her the same day!

Hopefully doing C-WAGS next week, so I suppose I'll have videos to post, though I don't know where I'll film.

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