Sheesh dog!
I'd been meaning to get Buzz xrayed for years now, but something else has always come up and I've felt like I could push it out further. Last Thursday (Hey, I've been busy!) he was xrayed. I told the vet we were not going to sedate him. But that didn't work as he howled in pain whenever they tried to stretch him out to get the xray. Hello bigger problem. My good dog was biting and in very obvious pain when we tried to take the xrays. That concerned me enough to have him sedated so we could get a clear shot.

My dog has a fractured pelvis.

His hips and elbows looked really good though, especially for 11 years old.

Conflicting advice but thus far he's on crate rest for a month. I've let him hang out with me during the day when all bedroom doors are closed and basement door is. He's a pretty lazy guy in the house. Tonight though he was getting all excited (nighttime does that to him) so he's been crated for a few hours.

Not too much information from the xray, but the vet did say it is already healing on its own, so it happened a while ago. sad.gif I'm wracking my brain to think of WHEN or WHAT!!! He may have fallen off the bed at the river which is pretty high, and is set on a wood floor. His teeter fly off may have caused it but that was a front end thing really. He could have slipped on the ice. I really don't know. I just hope he recovers soon!

We'll re-xray in about a month.


mlc said...

ahh. Poor dog. Poor you. Hope all will be back to normal for you soon.
I finally watched Marley and Me last night. I had read the book a long time ago, and loved it...but everyone said the movie was too sad. I cried..but then it made me want to make sure I show my dogs that I love them during the short while they are with me.

Megan said...

Definitely, love them while they're here. And try not to take them for granted! Through the years, it's really become evident that they will do anything for the sake of love (be it love of running and playing or "love" of a person). They just don't understand "protect your body!"