Don't be too sure!

It seems like everytime I blog about something, the animals have to prove me wrong! Remember when I said the Kirkland was working for Buzz? Yeah. Not so much. He's back on California Natural and doing better, but now I'm fighting a battle with his clogged eyelid pores because of too much oil (but extra oil is necessary for keep his allergies in check).

Oi vey! I want to wash his darn eyelids with an astringent, but that's not safe. I need to discuss with my vet what would be safe, because I need to keep giving him extra oils!

The cats are ALL doing wonderfully on the Kirkland though *crosses fingers* and it is considerably cheaper than what I was buying for Baby that she didn't want to eat. Snot!

I should do another post but, meh. I ordered Cosequin for cats a while back because it was "the right thing to do" since I have two boys and an old girlie. I started just giving it to Baby but the saw it is supposedly good for the urinary tract. Now the boys get it too. Good or bad, Baby gives EVERYONE the "What FOR!" if they invade her space and RUNS and plays outside. It's only been what? a month, so I'm impressed! All these products I never thought I'd need that are keeping my animals happy and healthy. I'm glad they were invented!

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