Where do we stand?

I've been bored. How do I have time to be bored? Well, I'm hanging out for two days after spring break started to work... instead of my usual schedule that is school, work, homework, sleep... I've had HOURS of free time and 'nothing' to do. So I played with numbers instead...

Novice Versatility requirements
NAC: 3/3
NJC: 3/3
TN-N: 3/3
NCC: 2/3
TG-N: 2/3
WV-N: 0/3

We need five more qualifying scores. He's entered in weavers for the first time in two weeks. One is definitely going to be a training run. We're gonna make our own course if need be... depending on how it is set up- we'll do the set of 6, some tunnels then the set of twelve then LEAVE for a jackpot party! Or, just the set of 12 and party! Of course, throw lots of tunnels in there too for fun before the set of 12!

I'm not sure when our next trial will be, it all depends on fixing Bailey (chiro and specialist appointments) and Baby (old kitty... whatever I need to to do to make her remaining time here pain free and happy... I will do, I can certainly skip 'for fun' dog stuff for her... no questions).

Note to self- BRING CAMERA to the trial!

I'm happy it's a club trial... those are always so much fun!

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