Hmmm... now I really want to learn more about vet stuff!

Bailey's elbows both passed.

I'm very confused. Then why was she limping (and probably would be still without her joint supplement)? So, we got good news but that also means we didn't find the answer to the problem. I just don't get it. The left elbow was REALLY nice. The right one, not so much.

I should give my vet a lot of credit though, he said they would both pass, and they did. I was very skeptical.

Anyways, here's her OFA page. http://offa.org/display.html?appnum=1216954#animal

I guess we'll keep searching for the answer about her limping.

First time since I found out that I'm saying "horray, her elbows passed" heh...

Lots of questions. Wonder what the vet'll say. Definitely have to ask him.

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