The Count Down Begins!

To Buzz's Novice Versatility!

NAC, check!
NJC, check!
TN-N, check!
TG-N, check!
NCC, almost... need one more Q!
WV-N, it's finally started... need two more Qs!

I can't believe it, but we MAY actually get into Open. We 'only' need five more jumpers Qs, six more tunnelers Qs... it's actually becoming a realistic goal! Woohoo!

I do want to continue playing in obedience and rally too, but those are somewhat limited currently by availability. Though, I have heard rumor of another summer APDT trial. If so, we're clearing that weekend out and saving up for it! I absolutely love APDT, and I think Buzz does too! What's better than playing lots of fun games, AND getting treats too!?!?!?

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