work was CRAZY!!! last night

For those who don't know, I work at Subway. That's right, I'm a 'Sandwich Artist' who comes home from work reeking like bread. My roommates think I smell really good. I guess Subway bread would smell good, if I didn't smell like it!

Anyways, a new 'deal' started recently. As more and more people learn about it, we get more and more customers. You can now get any 'regular' (feast, philly cheesesteak, and doublestacked sandwiches not included) footlong sandwich for only $5. Apparently people think that's the most fabulous thing in the world!

Do you know what that means? That means that last night between five and six pm, we made ninety sandwiches. We can only bake twelve pieces of bread at a time. We had been baking bread all day, but... we came very close to running out. Under normal circumstances, we would borrow bread from the mall, central, london, or holiday center. Everyone of those places was almost out of bread too! One of them even has a double oven!

We finished the rush with TEN PIECES of bread! FYI, a full cabinet holds fifty-four footlong pieces of bread. Poor Steven was STILL baking bread when I left at ten because they needed bread for in the morning.

It was nuts. I've worked quite often when we've had insane rushes, but NEVER that much. We don't even know how to prevent it in the future because they were baking bread ALL day and we only have one oven.

We all survived, but it's not something any of us want to repeat!

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Jade said...

Ha Ha... I used to manage a Subway! Sometimes I still think about working there. Just had Subway tonight in fact.