meal time

Meal time at our house is chaos. Not that everyone is ill behaved (hovering around the counter is ill behaved? naw! Opportunists at work!), but the stuff we've gotta do to prepare meals for the crew.

Just for kicks, I'm posting here what everyone gets (hint: there should be links to everything I post so you can check it out)

(Everyone gets fed twice a day)
>1 cup of kibble, Fromm
1/2 tablet Glyco-Flex II
2 Fish oil capsules
1 tsp Prozyme

1 cup of kibble, Fromm
1/2 tablet Glyco-Flex II (morning only)
1 Fish oil capsule
1 tsp Prozyme

>1/4 cup kibble, Chicken Soup (can't get Felidae locally anymore)
1/2 tablet Methimazole (hyperthyroid med)
sprinkle of Prozyme
some canned Felidae

2 tablespoons canned Felidae
lots of water with food
1/4 cup SD c/d (most likely going to switch to the Wysong Uretic when this bag runs out; didn't know there was an alternative until a month ago and very wary of switching his diet because he couldn't handle another surgery if he were to block again)
LOTS of water with food

1/4 cup kibble, Chicken Soup
some canned Felidae

Mix up everyone's meals, pick up dirty dishes, put down clean ones with food... throw dirty ones in dishwasher and start. Repeat twice daily.

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