Trial Videeooooos!

Courtesy of Mousie! Thanks!

They each even get their OWN playlist! How cool!

Bailey's tunnelers run
(ok, so she's not moving as fast as it felt like... but we sitll had tons of fun and I didn't/don't notice any sign of pain... woohoo; stupid handler pulled her off the last tunnel with early celebration... ARG, but we STILL MADE TIME!)

The Spuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Touch N Go #2 (should have done that front cross between the blue and yellow tunnels in the back)

The weavers training run... my dog got stuck... big time, but he weaved, we celebrated... and he did all his weaves in the next weavers run!!!!

He weaves, he weaves! Stupid handler pulled him out of the weaves... but we STILL MADE TIME!

Tunnelers- he was moving kinda slow, I'm thinking 4 runs a day might be his max now... he did five great in December but... he is getting older. We might need to adjust his arthritis meds again too. At least we have time to play around with it.

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