home sweet home

I'm finally home. Driving conditions were terrible. Tons of accidents, the road was like a sheet of ice. But... I made it home safe and in one piece, no accident for me!

I was so happy to see everyone again. Dogs need to be groomed and bathed REALLY badly... some 'before' pictures are at the end of this and I'll post 'after' pix tomorrow hopefully.

Everyone seems to be doing well, but Bailey isn't doing as well as I'd hoped/been told. I'm glad I'm home this week so I can try a few different things to hopefully get her back to 'normal' and pain free.

And now for some pictures of doggers that really need to be groomed and bathed!

Bailey's grinch foot...
bailey grinch foot

Buzz's grinch foot...
buzz grinch foot

fuzzy-wuzzy-scraggly Bailey body...
bailey scraggly body

Bailey's rear-end curls (hehe)
bailey rear

Buzz fuzz
fuzz buzz

uhh... whisker trimming, lip clean up... but he's cute, right?
buzz whiskers

aww, she's cute all the time!
bailey face

'mom... can we please just play... put that thing down! or I'm going to stay in here
bailey crate

Tada... hopefully I'll have some purty dog pictures tomorrow!

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Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

That bottom photo is SO cute. Goofy Springer muzzle! :D