ACTS NADAC results...

This is definitely on the list of 'best trials' that I've been informally keeping. It wasn't the Qs, it was the small successes that are building into big successes.

1. I was able to regain his focus after touching noses with a horse in the stall and sniffing calves. We went on to complete the touch n go course and he didn't visit the rest of the day. How did I regain his focus? Tried calling his name which elicited no response, walked up to him, downed him, took a lead out and sent him into a tunnel. We were able to finish the course nicely!
2. He was RUNNING and having fun.
3. HE WEAVED! He really did it!
4. Novice Touch N Go qualifying run to earn TG-N
5. Q in tunnelers
6. FIRST ever Q in WEAVERS! (A baby food turkey party followed that run!)

1. Shot off like a rocket in tunnelers.
2. Really responded well to cues
3. Ran SUPER FAST! (I think this deserves to be multiplied by like a hundered)
4. QUALIFIED to finish her TN-N; her FIRST agility title!

It was a great day! They both ran SO well... SO well!

I *think* I'll move her up to Open tunnelers. It's the same course, she's shown she has the speed for it... and then I don't have to pawn off the rest of cooling out a dog while I run another. Our warm up/cool down routines are fairly long... and done to prevent injuries. I won't put away a 'hot' dog so while I warmed Bailey up and ran her a really nice friend finished cooling Buzz out for me. I much appreciated that!

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