My August

8/15: CMKC rally trial with Bailey
8/16-8/17: Aberdeen, SD with Erin and Ben to visit Chris!
8/18-8/20: Ely, MN to stay at the http://www.grandelylodge.com and visit the International Wolf Center (http://wolf.com)
8/21-8/22: Anoka, MN for the TCVESSA specialty with Bailey
8/24: Lake Elmo, MN for the SCVKC agility trial with Bailey
8/27: MN State Fair!

Then I sadly have to go back to school. Oh well, the end of August is jam packed with FUN!


Now, to bed because I have to open at the Cafe tomorrow at 6:00am all by myself (well, Aaron is cooking but that doesn't count).

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