thryoid and shows

We drew blood last Thursday for a thyroid test going to MSU (and then on to OFA) but the vet didn't know it needed to be overnighted, so it didn't arrive until Monday, long after it needed to be run. Thankfully they're not charing me for a redraw, I just have to bring her in on Monday, but that means that I won't get results until I'm at school. That's somewhat frustrating.

We showed at the TCVESSA obedience and rally trials today. It went SO well. We had obedience first and we QUALIFIED in Open A! That's our first Q and our second time in the open ring. VERY good girly! 190/200 and 3rd place.

She also qualified in rally Excellent B and Advanced B for her second QQ!

I am just THRILLED she qualified in Open! YIPPY! :)

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