Low Normal...

Why couldn't the vet actually look at the paperwork when I called him about her results.

A package from my mom came today and it contained Bailey's official thyroid results from MSU. First of all, it was kinda cool to see how the paperwork was all official and contained ALL of her information in addition to the "official result" they sent to OFA. MSU is cool! :-)

Free T4 range is 8-26. Guess what her reading is? Yup, 8. Can we say "VERY low normal" yes we can!

Free T3 is low too (4.2 with the normal range being 4.5-12.0).

KV is sending me Dodds stuff so I can write letter to vet and send information with it about treating low normals. Only glitch is she doesn't have power right now, so it'll be a few days.

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