Long Lines

A few people have observed that Buzz seems to always have a line attached. Well, that's mostly true. When we're outside and he isn't in a stay (or in the fenced yard), he's wearing a 50' long line (I think it was $5 at a hardware store plus the cost of a clip, so maybe $7 total). This is most definitely a safety thing because he's deaf. Even before he was deaf though, he would regularly wear a long line as I put a lot of work into his recall, but not enough. He had years and years of self-reinforcing running before I really learned anything about training. Bailey did too, but I think that comes down to temperament more than anything.

Anyways, his long line doesn't hamper his fun outside, in the least. If we're going out in a particularly open field, I actually attach another long line to that one so he's got about 65' of line dragging. I do take him out without it on occasion, but only when it's just him. A long line gives him freedom to run and explore and "be a dog" out in the country without wearing electricity. I've looked and looked and looked for a "vibration only" collar, but just can't seem to find one. I'm opposed to most vibration and stimulation collars for the obvious reason but also because often times the buttons are TOO CLOSE together for my comfort!

A few photos of Buzz "being a dog" with his long line on.




He swims with a long line too.

And whatever is going on here... uhh... well, he's wearing a long line!

I have a ton more, but here are some activities Buzz does with his long line.

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Crystal said...

I love long lines! Buzz is lucky that he is being kept safe yet still allowed to be a dog.

Maisy has to wear one, too, but only when we're at my parent's farm. Her recall is good enough for pretty much every other situation. But chickens... those are too tempting to ignore.